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The AFC South is one of my favourite divisions in the league. It can go one of three ways and if the Colts decided to be as good as they were, it would be the most competitive division in the league. Three teams are currently fighting for the top spot, so what moves can they make to secure their postseason ticket?

Houston Texans: Trade for Demaryius Thomas or Jordy Nelson

Before the Texans faced the Dolphins, this trade wasn’t as obvious as it was after the game. Outside of DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller, Deshaun Watson hasn’t really got any weapons to target through the air. Now that Fuller is out of the picture for the season, after tearing his ACL in the Dolphins game, the need for another receiving weapon is key to Houston keeping their lead on the division.

In step Thomas and Nelson. I’ve already mentioned how Thomas has said he feels his time in Denver is coming to an end and Oakland are currently shopping everyone on their roster, Houston can pick either of the two up and give Watson another option.

Thomas would demand the higher price, which I reckon would be around a fourth rounder, whilst Nelson would be slightly cheaper, probably costing the Texans a fifth rounder. Either option can help the Texans out as they look to carry on their unbeaten run.

Tennessee Titans: Sell Brian Orakpo

The Titans are in a sticky situation right now and it’s hard to really find a buy or sell that would benefit them greatly. They made their big moves in the offseason when they acquired players like Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis so it’s difficult to make a situation where they trade for someone and get better.


It all depends on whether the Titans believe they are a title contending side in the near future, if they do, then don’t make a single move and sit comfortably until the deadline. If they do not, which I believe is the case, they may look to trade veteran linebacker Orakpo away to a ring chasing side. However, I can’t see the Titans making any move whatsoever and will probably stick with their current roster as they chase the Texans down.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Get a quarterback

Now, the Jags may be the most disappointing team this season, they were one good performance from the Super Bowl last season and people were tipping them to go the whole way this season, that was until they lost Leonard Fournette to an injury. Blake Bortles was the guy to step up and he really hasn’t been good, meaning the Jags need to move on now rather than later if they want to keep their hopes up for a Super Bowl appearance.

Now, there is currently only one QB out there that can improve the Jags and actually move in a sensible trade. That guy is Saints QB, Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater looked brilliant in pre-season before the Jets shipped him off for a future 3rd rounder. The Jags can return the favour and even offer Bortles in the deal to secure Bridgewater and possibly a chance at the Super Bowl. This also depends on whether Fournette returns from his injury quickly, as I am definitely not saying Teddy will lead the Jags to a Super Bowl.

Indianapolis Colts: Sell Jabaal Sheard

The Colts aren’t making the postseason and they’re also not in a situation where they can buy or sell. They desperately need their offensive line to start protecting Andrew Luck if they ever want to contend again.

Their only way of doing this is drafting talent and if they sell a veteran in Sheard, who won’t be there much longer, for a late round pick, they can then go and maybe find a late round gem for their side rather than gaining nothing in a year or two. I don’t see the Colts doing anything but I thought I’d give you something to consider, for the sake of the article.