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The NFC South maybe my favorite division in the league as it’s quite difficult to call. At any given time, any of the four teams can storm on with a great winning streak and surprise a few fans. This season it’s pretty much going the way it should but all four teams are still within a shout of getting that top spot and a ticket to the postseason. What moves shall they make? Well, find out below.

New Orleans Saints: Sell Teddy Bridgewater

I know that I have already stated that Bridgewater would be a good sell for the Saints but there isn’t much else they can do. They improved their offence a few days ago when they traded for Eli Apple so they have nothing serious to improve on.

That leaves them in a place where they can actively shop Bridgewater out to the league where many of the teams are in need of a new quarterback. Bridgewater is quite capable of being a franchises main passer so his services will definitely not be difficult to sell. That’s a massive positive for the Saints as they can demand a higher price for what they paid as some teams may turn desperate the closer we get to the deadline. I reckon, with the right negotiating skills, the Saints can pick up a future second rounder.

Carolina Panthers: Sell C.J. Anderson

The Panthers are in a very good position currently, there isn’t much wrong with their roster and certainly nothing that needs to be fixed right now. This leaves them in a position where they can ship a couple of unwanted pieces, such as C.J. Anderson.

Anderson has struggled for a healthy number of snaps this season, that’s because of both Christian McCaffrey getting the starting role and Curtis Samuel having a very good season. There are definitely teams out there that would take Anderson for a fifth or sixth round pick, considering he had over 1,000 yards last season in Denver.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Buy a top linebacker

Tampa Bay has been hit and miss this season. FitzMagic started the season well but quickly fell off, leaving the door wide open for Jameis Winston to come back in. The one thing that has been horribly wrong for Tampa Bay is their defence and that wasn’t helped after they lost their star mid linebacker to injury.

If the Buccs are serious about an appearance in the postseason then they should make a big play for a quality linebacker. If I was to choose, I’d go for Brandon Marshall from Denver. They could probably pick him up for a fourth and they would definitely state their intent with a signing like that.

Atlanta Falcons: Buy Deone Bucannon

The Falcons have disappointed me this season, however, they are still in the mix for sneaking into the postseason as they are on 3-4 for the season. Their win in week 7 solidified this pick for me. Atlanta lost both their safety and linebacker to injuries in week 7 and so this forces their hand into buying a guy who can do both.

This guy is Arizona’s linebacker Bucannon. With Arizona struggling this season, I’m sure they’ll be looking at getting picks for players who they can replace with those picks. Bucannon is one of these guys and I’m sure he isn’t anywhere near the top of Arizona’s list of guys not to lose.