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Which players make the most sense for the Chargers at the trade deadline?

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With the NFL trade deadline fast approaching, Chargers trade rumors for the 2021 season are starting to become more prevalent. Los Angeles actually has a chance to make some noise in the AFC this season, especially with the AFC West race wide open given Kansas City’s struggles.

As a result, Chargers’ trade deadline news in 2021 is becoming a hot topic.

The question is who will be the Chargers’ trade targets as the deadline approaches.

There usually aren’t that many teams willing to trade away impact players. That means the Chargers will have to be creative and aggressive if they hope to land a player that can make them a playoff team and a serious contender once they get there.

Chargers trade rumors 2021

While Justin Herbert has emerged as the team’s quarterback for the future, the supporting cast around him is far from perfect.


Coming off a 34-6 loss to the Ravens, there are obvious needs on both sides of the ball. Based on the latest Chargers trade rumors, here are some of the top Chargers trade targets ahead of the deadline.

Akiem Hicks

The Chargers need help with their run defense, so a defensive lineman like Akiem Hicks should be near the top of their wishlist.

Injuries have hindered him a little since he was a Pro Bowler in 2018 and he may not be the same pass rusher he was a few years ago.

But Hicks would still be an upgrade for the LA defense. He brings plenty of experience to the table and is in the final year of his contract, which means the Bears should be open to moving him if they don’t think they can get their season turned around.

Austin Johnson

An interior lineman like Austin Johnson would also be a perfect option to help the Chargers improve their performance against the run.

While he’s never put up eye-popping numbers as a nose tackle, he’s provided a steady presence throughout his career and played for some good defensive teams in Tennessee early in his career. With the Giants going nowhere, they should be willing to part with Johnson since he’s set to be a free agent this winter.


Marlon Mack

There’s no way the Chargers can keep relying on Austin Ekeler as their feature back.

He’s just not built to get this many touches per game.

Meanwhile, the rest of the running backs on their roster aren’t producing much.

That makes Mack a perfect fit for Los Angeles, as the Colts seem to have no use for him. Marlon Mack could easily split time with Ekeler, forming a nice tandem. Someone like Mack who’s solid but unspectacular could do great things for a rushing attack that ranks 25th in the NFL.

Trey Flowers

Even though he’s under contract through 2023, there are a lot of trade rumors swirling involving Trey Flowers.

If the Lions are willing to trade him, there’s bound to be a lot of teams after him, but the Chargers should be one of them.

While he may not solve their problems with stopping the run, he would improve their pass rush. With Joey Bosa on one side, Flowers would surely get a lot of one-on-one matchups on the other side of the LA defense. He could do a lot of damage, especially for a team that should be playing with the lead a lot during the second half of the season.

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