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Three potential trade packages for CJ McCollum

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After a disastrous playoff campaign for the Blazers, there has been a lot of CJ McCollum trade rumors swirling around. It’s safe to say that the iso-loving tandem of Lillard and McCollum has finally run its course. They badly need to make a big move to contend for the title.

CJ McCollum trade rumors

Last season, McCollum was having a career year until he fractured his foot. He still returned and finished the season averaging 23.1 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 4.7 assists on 40% three-point shooting. His offensive numbers were impressive but it didn’t translate in the playoffs.

In order to contend, it makes sense to trade him for a fringe or borderline star. However, his contract is huge that the Blazers may have a hard time dealing with him.

Here are the three potential trade destinations for CJ McCollum…


Philadelphia receives: CJ McCollum, Nassir Little, future first-round pick
Portland receives: Ben Simmons


There’s been a lot of CJ McCollum trade rumors involving him and Ben Simmons. It makes sense since Simmons is disgruntled with the Sixers and the Blazers need to find a better second option for Damian Lillard.

In this trade, Portland could offer McCollum, Little, and a future first-round pick to Philadelphia in exchange for Simmons.

Acquiring Simmons is huge for the Blazers. They finally have an elite defender in the backcourt. We are looking at Draymond Green-type of player here given his size, playmaking, and defense. Moreover, the departure of McCollum doesn’t seem to hurt them that much. Having Dame, Powell, and Simmons is enough to address their perimeter scoring.

Meanwhile, McCollum can thrive as the main scorer next to Joel Embiid in Philadelphia. After all, the Sixers lack shooting in the backcourt. His elite three-point shooting (40% on 8.9 attempts) can open up a lot of space for Embiid to operate in the post. They also get Nassir Little who is a solid wing defender.

However, there’s a hiccup. Daryl Morey thinks Simmons is LeBron James. Morey wanted a haul of players and picks in exchange for Simmons. That’s clearly unlikely to happen given his subpar performance in the playoffs.

Three-team trade

Golden State receives: Ben Simmons
Philadelphia receives: CJ McCollum, James Wiseman, Nassir Little
Portland receives: Draymond Green, Seth Curry


Now, this trade features CJ McCollum at Philadelphia but involving another team—Golden State.

This trade makes a ton of sense for everyone. Simmons goes to Golden State, his preferred destination. Acquiring him is huge for the Warriors since they get an elite defender with size in the backcourt. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will open up driving lanes for Simmons which is his bread and butter.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia gets McCollum, Wiseman, and Little. This helps the Sixers get a scorer in McCollum, a high-upside center in Wiseman, and a solid defender in Little. You won’t find a better value for Simmons than this one.

Lastly, Portland receives Draymond Green and Seth Curry. It was reported that Lillard wants Green on the Blazers. After all, they are close buddies. Green is an intriguing piece for them since he has the playmaking and versatility to guard multiple positions. The Blazers also re-acquire Curry which is a great three-point specialist.

This McCollum trade makes sense for the three teams. It’s a win-win situation.


Toronto receives: CJ McCollum
Portland receives: Pascal Siakam

The Blazers need a two-way player who can thrive alongside Damian Lillard. Preferably a wing who can shoot threes and defend the perimeter. Pascal Siakam could be that guy. This gives them more size and defense which they badly need.

Recently, they re-signed Powell to a long-term contract and he’s definitely part of their plans moving forward. His signing is a main priority in the Blazers offseason. He can imitate what McCollum can do on the offensive end, but cheaper.

In this trade, Portland receives Siakam for McCollum. His arrival is huge for them since he has the size to defend multiple positions. Acquiring him gives them a legitimate power forward that can do everything on the court. Although his three-point shooting dipped last season (30% on 4.4 attempts per game), his elite post game and defensive versatility make up for that.

Meanwhile, Toronto acquires McCollum to pair with Fred VanVleet. His scoring prowess and veteran presence prove to be valuable for a young team like the Raptors.

Toronto’s front office may not entertain this one is to one type of trade. Thus, the Blazers could add more assets to make this package work.

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