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Diving into the potential trade market for Collin Sexton

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It’s been a wild few weeks of Collin Sexton trade rumors. The Cavaliers guard is on the trade block ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft.

Reports have been frequent on Sexton’s future. The Cavs were desperate to move him. They are apparently less so as of Monday, but all can change in an instant. Cleveland faces the option of moving Sexton or handing him a big contract. It’s not a grotesque deal like John Wall or their own Kevin Love, but it’s a sizeable pact for a player like Sexton.

Sexton trade rumors 2021

He’s a talent which divides opinion. He’s only played on losing teams, yet there’s clearly severe scoring punch there. Cleveland’s plan at the draft will impact Sexton. Selecting one of the Jalens likely makes him surplus to requirements, but it isn’t that straight forward.

The Cavs don’t want to trade him for the sake of it. He will not be unmovable if he’s on $20+ million per year.


With all of that in mind, let’s dive into the Collin Sexton trade rumors and look at some possible deals.


Judging a Sexton trade is tricky. Even the most plugged in people in the league cannot get a good handle on his value. The Celtics don’t have the assets they once did, but they have some young players which may appeal to the Cavs. Aaron Nesmith, for instance, could slot in nicely on the wing. Perhaps Grant Williams is useful as a frontcourt partner for Jarrett Allen.

Cleveland is still years from competing despite the upside on their roster. Trading Sexton is partly about avoiding the next big contract, but they will also want players or picks who can help to build around Allen, Darius Garland and Isaac Okoro.

A couple of young players and a protected first should be enough to get a deal done. It all depends on how Brad Stevens views Sexton – could he be the third option for Boston?


A Collin Sexton Knicks trade has been talked about a lot. Sexton can shoot. He can score. The Knicks have the cap space to hand him a big contract.


Much about this makes sense. Still, though, the Knicks are probably waiting for a bigger fish to throw picks and young players at. It would be foolish of the Cavaliers to even consider a deal centered on Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina and New York’s late first-round picks in the 2021 draft.

Sexton provides some of what the Knicks need next to RJ Barrett and Julius Randle. It doesn’t make them real contenders, however, unless New York sees All-NBA potential in Sexton.


Having swapped Steven Adams for Jonas Valanciunas, the Pelicans are clearly not messing around. They are looking to be competitive as soon as possible. While they are stacked in the backcourt, the future of Lonzo Ball is unclear, and the talents of Kira Lewis and Nickeil Alexander-Walker are very raw.

The Pels have the draft assets to incentivize a deal. Maybe they throw in Lewis or just absorb Sexton into cap space. If Ball is off, and with Bledsoe gone, they could even aim for a Sexton and Kyle Lowry backcourt.

New Orleans is yet to appear in Sexton trade rumors. They are reportedly focused on Lowry’s free agency. Adding his off-the-dribble buzz and shooting would be a good fit next to Zion and Brandon Ingram, though, and the Pelicans have the assets to get involved in any trade conversations.

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