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Discussing Donovan Mitchell’s trade value and potential landing spots

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Donovan Mitchell trade rumors have hit a new intensity this week. He was already rumored to be upset after another first-round exit, and now that Quin Snyder has stepped down from the Utah Jazz, it would be a miracle if we see him play for them again next season.

Donovan Mitchell trade rumors

Mitchell’s contract makes him a valuable asset for the Jazz, and he won’t be difficult to trade at all. According to the latest reports, he doesn’t want anything to do with any of the potential Quin Snyder replacements. Instead, he could for his way out of the mountains:

“Amid the reverberations of Quin Snyder’s departure after eight seasons as the Utah Jazz coach, All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell is described as ‘unsettled, unnerved and wondering what it means for the franchise’s future,’ sources told ESPN on Sunday,” reported Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

“Mitchell considered Snyder a significant part of his reasoning for committing to a five-year maximum contract extension in 2020, and Snyder’s decision to step away on Sunday has left Mitchell ‘surprised and disappointed,’ sources told ESPN,” Woj added.

“Mitchell remains fond of Snyder and accepts his reasons for stepping down, but he’s spending the immediate aftermath of Snyder’s decision trying to process what the coach’s loss means in the larger scope for the organization and himself, sources said,” concluded the report.


Donovan Mitchell trade value

There are plenty of things to consider when we talk about Donovan Mitchell’s trade value. For starters, he’ll be under team control through 2026, and if the salary cap goes up as expected, that $163 million deal will become one of the biggest bargains in the league.

The Jazz should only move on from Mitchell if they manage to hold on to Gobert. If not, then they should look to trade both of them and gather as many first-round picks as they can for their two All-Stars. That means that they could only consider trading away Mitchell for at least a couple of first-rounders and/or a young player.


We only have to bring the Los Angeles Lakers up because they will always be tied with disgruntled stars. Also, we know LeBron James will always try to find better teammates, even if that means breaking a couple of tampering rules along the way.

The Lakers don’t have the cap space to make things work, and they’ve been reluctant to include one first-round pick in a trade, let alone two. But they might well realize that this could be the only way to get Russell Westbrook‘s deal off their books and still win a trade.


The San Antonio Spurs have enough young players, draft capital, and cap space to make this work. Moreover, they’ve been looking for a franchise player since Kawhi Leonard left town, and Mitchell is young enough for them to roll the dice and make a big offer.


Moreover, the Spurs are also reportedly interested in hiring Quin Snyder. Gregg Popovich isn’t getting any younger and could step down after two-plus decades if the right successor becomes available. So, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that they could consider a two-for-one scenario.


LaMelo Ball‘s size and quick hands could make up for Donovan Mitchell’s lack of height in the backcourt. They’d have one of the most explosive one-two punches in the league for years to come, and the Charlotte Hornets would be must-watch television even for non-hoops fans.

The only issue with this is that the Hornets would most likely have to part ways with Miles Bridges to get this done. But they also have P.J. Washington, J.T. Thor, and multiple young players and picks to try and work something around with the Jazz to create a young Big 3 in the East.


The Miami Heat want another star. Dwyane Wade is a minority owner in Utah and he won’t stand in the way of his beloved franchise. If anything, the ties are obvious and both parties could work out a deal centered around Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson. We all know Pat Riley is known for getting what he wants when he wants it.

Kyle Lowry didn’t work out in Miami. He’s aging and often hurt, and barely plays any defense anymore. Mitchell would be a big improvement over him while taking plenty of scoring pressure off Jimmy Butler‘s shoulders. Also, he’d play with a versatile defensive big man who can actually guard the perimeter in Bam Adebayo.


The New York Knicks Donovan Mitchell trade rumors have been around for months now. Leon Rose was his agent, he’s a New York native, and the Knicks have been looking for a franchise player for years now. According to most reports, they’re set to make him the top priority this summer.

The Knicks have enough assets to pull the trigger here. Landing Mitchell could help them convince Mitchell Robinson of staying, and they could even flip Julius Randle‘s contract to bring another piece to Madison Square Garden. It would be a dream come true for Mitchell and the Jazz could get a fair return for his services.

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