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Four potential landing spots for Giants TE Evan Engram

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Evan Engram’s name is one that you might not have heard too much on the road to the NFL trade deadline. But as we approach Tuesday, his name could get a little more buzz as he’s now healthy after missing a couple of games due to a knee injury.

The New York Giants, meanwhile, have kept conversations to a minimum and it looks unlikely that the 25-year-old will finish the season in a contending team.

Engram, the Giants’ top receiver with 419 yards, has been a prolific threat through the air in his first three seasons in the league. The tight end is slated to become a free agent after the conclusion of the 2020 season, which could tempt general manager Dave Gettleman to consider a deal. The demanded return would be either a first-round pick or no deal.

In such case, he could be on the radar for many contending teams who not only lack depth at the position but want to strengthen their passing game. Today we take a glance at four clubs that could be candidates for a trade with New York for Evan Engram.

Buffalo Bills

We’ve already talked about how unlikely it is for the Bills to trade away a first-round pick. Brendan Beane and Sean McDermott realise that the team is still under considerable phase of development. A spontaneous and aggressive move for Engram would bring questions regarding the future of the franchise does Buffalo not make the playoffs.


However, the time for the 5-2 Bills to get reinforcements for Josh Allen is running out. They already lost the battle for Emmanuel Sanders and don’t expect to be further engaged in talks with A.J. Green. The team’s starting TE, Dawson Knox, averages just 26 yards per game and is 41st among tight ends in receptions.

The position has often been referred to as their weakness and getting Engram would provide a difference-maker in the Josh Allen-led offence.

New Orleans Saints

Josh Hill and Jared Cook have both averaged less than 30 yards in receptions thus far. New Orleans’ production at the tight end position has been minuscule and if they get Engram, they could become an even scarier team than they already are.

Michael Thomas, who leads the league in reception yards, has been an enormous part of the air raid, which could make the Saints predictable as the season progresses in Alvin Kamara’s brief absence. With Latavius Murray now the top back, a good blocking tight end would help the running game recover from Kamara being questionable after battling ankle injury but is expected be 100% after NO’s bye in Week 9.

Green Bay Packers

That’s going to be a tough one. Jimmy Graham came into the year with expectations which he hasn’t been able to live up to yet. In the midst of Davante Adams’ injury the Packers could be even desperate for a receiver before the deadline. That could, of course, be A.J. Green. But if Green Bay loses the race for the Bengals wide receiver, they would strongly negotiate with Gettleman for Engram.


The Packers are more than willing to give up a first-round pick and, if Green isn’t a Packer by Tuesday, Engram might be their top target.

Tennessee Titans

Nobody’s going to tell you that but the 4-4 Titans’ season is well and alive. In an impressive 27-23 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Ryan Tannehill showed he can lead a turnover-free offence while throwing 3 touchdown passes. So if you expected them to trade for a QB, this opinion will disappoint you.

Biggest needs are now OL, WR and TE. A.J. Brown and Corey Davis have been inconsistent with Davis having a rough game, catching 2 passes for 9 yards out of 6 targets on Sunday. Getting Engram would address all three issues to some extent. His blocking ability will also make Derrick Henry’s running game more effective.

This will lead to Henry getting more carries and the offence becoming more effective. The Panthers are a good example about that. As for the offensive line, he can help there too – former NFL scout John Middlekauff recently talked on his podcast about how the 49ers have been using George Kittle for blocking purposes to help rookie left guard Justin Sluke. That could be a wake-up call for the Titans, who are tied with the Jets with league-high 41 allowed sacks.

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