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Four potential Harrison Barnes trade packages in the 2022 offseason

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The 2022 NBA Draft is upon us, and the trade machines are firing up. The Sacramento Kings lead the excitement with Harrison Barnes, the fourth pick, and others being made available in trade rumors. Let’s dive into Harrison Barnes trade rumors and some potential destinations.

Harrison Barnes trade rumors

The Sacramento Kings missed the playoffs for the 16th consecutive season. They trail only the Seattle Mariners for the longest active playoff drought in the four major North American sports. They’ve been a putrid franchise since Vivek Ranadive purchased the team in 2013 and don’t look like they’ll right the ship anytime soon.

Leave it to the Kings to have one of the worst runs in the history of sports and still not be able to get under the cap season after season. Monte McNair and new coach Mike Brown are under a mandate to make the playoffs ASAP, and that’s the type of shortsighted thinking that got Sacramento here in the first place. With that said, I’ve cooked up some Harrison Barnes trade ideas for the Sacramento Kings offseason.

Barnes is the type of versatile wing teams love, especially considering the absence of wings available in free agency. The Kings also hold the 4th overall pick in the draft, and many teams believe they’re open to trading it. This makes Barnes and the Kings prime offseason NBA trade candidates.

Raptors and Kings make a blockbuster trade

The Toronto Raptors have been working out and visiting with lottery prospects, their problem is they only hold the 33rd pick. On the other hand, the Sacramento Kings want to make the playoffs, and their issue is the roster sucks. It’s a match made in heaven if the Raptors genuinely want to do a soft reset and find a running mate for Scottie Barnes and if the Kings are serious about speeding up their timeline.


Sacramento Kings Receive: OG Anunoby

Toronto Raptors Receive: 4th Overall Pick, Harrison Barnes

Why this trade works: Of all the Harrison Barnes trade rumors, this one gives both teams what they’re looking for with the most ease. The Raptors get an opportunity to build for the future while keeping a competitive roster. Sacramento gets an ace 3 & D wing to accompany De’Aaron Fox and help fix the defence. Harrison Barnes won’t cost Scottie Barnes, Pascal Siakam, or their new draft pick playing time and is still a quality piece off the bench. In addition, Barnes is equipped with above-average three-point shooting — he’s at 38% for his career.

OG Anunoby is exactly what the Kings need on defence; he can play the three or four positions. That’s perfect for the Kings, who will want to put Domantas Sabonis at the five. A team will need a superb defender next to Sabonis to be successful. OG is that.

Jazz and Kings shake things up

The Utah Jazz and Kings appear to be on a crash course to blow things up this offseason. That’s exciting for everybody but the fans of these teams. The Jazz have a young star in Donovan Mitchell, who remains under contract for the foreseeable future. In addition, Mitchell and Rudy Gobert appear to be on the outs with one another.


Would the Jazz be willing to do a soft reset like the Golden State Warriors did to bring in some young talent? It would be painful for a season or two, but along with whoever they draft, they’d also be able to open up a max contract slot in a couple of seasons.

Sacramento Kings Receive: Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz Receive: 4th Overall Pick, Domantis Sabonis, Harrison Barnes

Why this trade works: Utah Jazz fans will tell you it doesn’t, but I believe they might need a complete overhaul. Utah has one of the oldest rosters in the league and a complete lack of good defence outside of Gobert. Trading Gobert doesn’t fix that, but you can start getting enough assets to build a more balanced roster. Harrison Barnes is the exact type of 3 & D wing the Jazz have been missing for years. Utah should be doing everything they can to trade for Harrison Barnes or a player like him.

If the Jazz really wanted to cause an earthquake, they could trade Mitchell for the same players plus a Godfather offer of future picks. Then Sacramento could see if Fox and Mitchell could recreate some of that magic Fox and Malik Monk had back at Kentucky. Donovan Mitchell 100% nixes any potential trade to Sacramento, unfortunately.

Knicks unload disgruntled star

By all accounts, Julius Randle has been unhappy with the New York Knicks for quite some time. This is another Harrison Barnes trade rumor I could see legitimately playing out.

Sacramento Kings Receive: Julius Randle, 11th or Future Pick

New York Knicks Receive: Harrison Barnes, 4th Overall Pick

Why this trade works: This Barnes trade idea gives the Kings precisely what they want; somebody to run n’ gun with De’Aaron Fox. It’s what Sacramento expected to get when they drafted Marvin Bagley. Of course, it doesn’t right the wrong of skipping over Luka Doncic cause literally nothing the Kings do ever will. But it’s something. It could be enough to meet their ill-advised playoff mandate.

As for the Knicks, they get another high lottery pick and could do what the Kings refuse to do; build patiently. I’m not sure if I expect them to build patiently either, but the opportunity is there.

Hornets and Kings shuffle the deck

If the Sacramento Kings feel like taking a deep breath and playing it smart, they could deal with the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets desperately need some improved defence throughout their entire roster and hold the 13th overall pick.

Sacramento Kings Receive: Gordon Hayward, 13th Pick

Charlotte Hornets Receive: Harrison Barnes, Richaun Holmes

Why this trade works: This Harrison Barnes trade destination gives the Hornets the pieces to compete in the east, while the Kings would get two bites at the apple to start building a stable roster.

Hayward probably won’t stay healthy, but he’s the type of veteran presence that improves teams. Look at his on/off stats with the Hornets; they fall apart when he’s not there. Looking through the King’s draft picks, they seldom end up with multiple first-round picks and didn’t even have one in 2019.

Harrison Barnes trade rumour roundup

There will be many Harrison Barnes and Sacramento Kings trade rumors to follow this NBA offseason.

Ranadive’s playoff mandate will make them popular targets for many teams trying to upgrade their shooting. Barnes isn’t what he used to be on defence as he’s lost some lateral movement, but he shot nearly 40% on five three-point attempts a game last season.

That type of player could net you a draft pick if you play your cards right, but I don’t see that being the road Sacramento chooses to walk down.

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