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How Should the Cavaliers Approach the 2024 Offseason?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ offseason plan in 2024 is officially underway. Once again, this team fell short in the playoffs, and they were never truly considered a championship-caliber team.

The Cleveland Cavaliers cap space situation isn’t as bad as other teams. They’re projected to have the 13th-most cap space in the league in the summer, so even though they might find trouble signing the best free agents this offseason because of the small market they play in, they could still find some serviceable role players.

Even so, this team is facing plenty of questions. Their series against the Boston Celtics wasn’t even close, and it seems like they’re still far behind actual contenders, even if they make the playoffs time and time again.

With that in mind, we’ll dig a little deeper into the Cavaliers offseason plan in 2024 and what they should do to fix this.

Donovan Mitchell or Darius Garland?

Donovan Mitchell trade rumors have resurfaced. He didn’t commit to the organization long-term, and even though he’s got two years left in his contract, they could get a huge return for his contract if they trade him now.


If that’s not the case, and in a shocking turn of events, he decides to extend his stay there, then it should be time to move on from Darius Garland, as the fit together isn’t that good.

Garland has regressed with Mitchell. His shot attempts and usage have dropped, and while the numbers were solid last season, he failed to take another leap forward. There’s no point in having two ball-dominant, undersized guards, and Garland left a lot to be desired in the playoffs.

It’s decision time for Evan Mobley

The same goes for Evan Mobley. He’s going to be eligible to sign a huge contract extension this summer, and he hasn’t done that much to earn it.

He stepped up defensively, which could have been a huge factor there, but he never developed his offensive touch, and all the comparisons with Chris Bosh as a floor spacer look foolish now. Is he really worth a big-money deal?

There are doubts about his fit next to Jarrett Allen. They suffer from that lack of spacing, and if they’re going to hold onto their draft pick, it only makes sense that they look to move the former Brooklyn Nets big man.


JB Bickerstaff’s future is in question

Truth be told, there was only so much JB Bickerstaff could’ve done with the hand he was given. Albeit solid, the Cavaliers weren’t a great team. They lacked depth, and they’re just not on the same level as other teams in the East.

Nevertheless, it’s also worth noting that Bickerstaff’s adjustments — or lack thereof — have often frustrated the fans, particularly in the playoffs. He’s not the only one responsible for his team’s debacle, but it’s not like he did a lot to help his case, either.

A miracle savior?

The best and most likely scenario for this team would be to trade Mitchell and Allen and build their roster around the players who don’t have another choice but to stay there. But what if they could bring the greatest player in franchise history back?

LeBron James wants to play with Bronny and could opt out of his contract with the Lakers to become a free agent. Bronny is entering the Draft. The Cavs have draft picks. Do we really need to spell it out?

There would be no better way to finish one of the greatest careers in professional sports than going back to where it all started. And while his relationship with Dan Gilbert might not be great, he could still run it back one more time. He was even in attendance to watch one of their losses to the Celtics.

As unlikely as it may sound, it’s not that far-fetched.

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