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How the NBA has grown in popularity away from the court

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The NBA is one of the four major US sports leagues, behind the NFL in terms of popularity, but ahead of the NHL and MLB. Over the past few years, in terms of fans who are away from the court, the NBA have been improving and bidding to grow in popularity.

This has been done in many different ways, but at the heart of it all, the league has tried to attract new fans to the sport who have previously never really given the NBA much attention. They have also tried to engage more with current fans and give them a far better fan experience that they can enjoy.

Where are new fans coming from?

There are many different angles where new fans are approaching from, but there is one in particular that could be a good source of interest for the NBA. This is from the betting industry, which has always been popular, but is now moving to a new level given the fact that many US states are now offering legal sports betting to their players. With many free betting offers to browse, the industry continues to attract players, and given the strength of the NBA betting service that is currently available, many people will take a look at games and wager on them.

By placing a bet, people become interested in the game, either keeping up to date with the score or perhaps even watching the action. These are new eyes on the league, that would not be interested if it wasn’t for the betting industry, and if the NBA gets things right and attracts these players, this could be a strong source of interest for many years to come.

The biggest games and stars give the NBA a chance. If people watch these, then they are far more likely to watch more in the future. So, people betting and watching big games, such as the NBA Finals from 2021, is better for the league if they are looking to keep hold of these people and win them over.


Improving the fan experience

Of course, when the NBA attracts these new fans, they need to work hard to keep them. On top of this, they need to keep their regular fans happy too, so they don’t lose them to other sports, who are also working hard to attract people.

Look out for big events in the latest NBA news and if we see a lot of these, plenty of action, and some big stars performing and impressing us all, these are good signs that the NBA is attracting people, because ultimately, the league thrives when the big players do.

There is a lot of competition between the four major US sports, and while the NBA will always struggle to get up to the heights of the NFL, it can make sure it is the clear second and best of the rest. By attracting newcomers, and ensuring they stay interested, the league will do that.

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