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How to watch Super Bowl LVI in the UK

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The time is almost upon us. On February 13th, the Super Bowl will crown an NFL champion. Who will hoist the famous Vincent Lombardi Trophy at SoFi Stadium in California? Whoever you’re supporting, on this side of the pond you’ll need to consider how to watch Super Bowl LVI in the UK.

How to watch Super Bowl LVI in the UK

Without a specific ‘Super Bowl Channel’ to just switch on, you’ll have to choose one of the multiple options available if you want to watch the showpiece event of American Football.

Watching live on TV

The first thing to consider is the Super Bowl LVI kick-off time in the UK. As the game is on the West Coast of America, it’s going to be a late start over here with a projected 11:30 pm start to proceedings. To watch the Super Bowl in the UK a certain level of dedication is required.

Given the stop-start nature of the game anyway and usually an extensive half-time show; the game could finish as late as 03:30 am. That’s not to mention if you want to watch the postgame trophy lifting fanfare.

The rights for the big night are shared across two of the major broadcasters here in the UK. The BBC will broadcast the Super Bowl on BBC One from 11:30 pm. If you’ve got a TV license, you’re all set to enjoy the big game for FREE on the BBC.


This means you won’t have to look for Super Bowl streams as the broadcast will also be on BBC iPlayer.

Super Bowl LVI on Sky Sports

If you’re a subscriber to Sky and their relevant Sky Sports package, then of course you can watch their coverage instead if you’d prefer. Of course, you’ll get all the additional on-demand content around the game for your subscription fee and the presentation may differ slightly – but both broadcasters will be showing the same game. If you want to sign up for Sky be prepared for some start-up costs but head over to their site and see if there’s a new customer deal.

If you’d really prefer such novelties but aren’t a Sky Sports customer just yet, you might want to consider watching the NFL on NowTV. This non-satellite product from Sky (now known as NOW) offers most of the bells and whistles from the primary product, just on an online platform.

It’s £33.99 for the month of sports access or £9.98 for a single day. Do however note the on-demand content available is limited on the day pass and obviously, you have much less time to enjoy it.

NFL Gamepass

The NFL itself presents viable plans for those looking to deep dive into the big game and beyond.


The Super Bowl price on Gamepass varies by plan but only slightly.

The all-singing, all-dancing package is the Pro Plan and offers great value for £9.99.

You’ll get access to the deep library of content including NFL Network original shows, the draft/combine coverage and a large back catalogue of complete games. Excellent if you’re team did poorly this year and want to re-live the glory days.

The other plans are slightly cheaper but offer much less time or access to enjoy the content. Gamepass will work as a stream on one of the supported devices so ensure you have a good internet connection!

Watching on-demand

You’re probably thinking, how to watch Super Bowl LVI in the UK if your life doesn’t permit staying up to the early hours of the morning.

Well, the above options offer quite a bit of flexibility. The BBC in theory will have it on their catch-up service for a week after. Sky Sports will no doubt have it on-demand for an extended period.

NFL Gamepass will retain the rights for the game for an eternity. Oh and there’s a nifty feature toggle called ‘no spoilers mode’. This allows you to filter out any content on the platform which might ruin the result for you.

Be careful with your social media usage as no doubt the result will creep into your news algorithms and feeds. Yet, it might not be as prevalent as last year without Tom Brady being involved.

Latest NFL Gamepass prices for Super Bowl LVI

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