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Is this the most open Super Bowl race ever?

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The countdown to the 2022 Super Bowl is on, and there appears to be a different feel to it at the moment than what we are used to. The race looks very wide open, potentially one of the most wide open Super Bowl’s we have seen for some time.

With weeks of the regular season to go, and the playoffs, there are many teams queueing up to show their credentials, but so far no one has been able to emerge as a true favourite to win the biggest game on the planet.

Usually when we hit Thanksgiving in the US, at least one team has emerged to be a big favourite, sometimes we see two or three of them together. We also usually see a number of teams with fans losing interest, and perhaps even forgetting about the NFL for another season, and moving onto other hobbies, such as casino gaming, which you can discover more about here if you want to play with the top casinos on the market.

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Who is involved?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers are all in contention according to the bookmakers. These teams are all listed at single figure odds at the Thanksgiving stage of the season.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have always been either favourites or second favourites throughout the season, mainly due to winning the 2021 Super Bowl and keeping the same roster together.

Elsewhere, there are many others who are classed as lively outsiders. The New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans are all priced up at less than 20/1, meaning they still have work to do, but a playoff berth is certainly a possibility and then from there, who knows what will happen.

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Will a favourite emerge?

The usual answer to this would be yes but given the inconsistencies that many teams are showing right now, that may not actually happen.

Should that be the case then we could well see one of the most open Super Bowls ever, even by the time we get to the playoffs and many teams are officially out of contention.


Of course, the latest NFL news is worth watching, just in case a team really starts to win games with ease and emerge as a big contender, but if that doesn’t happen the news will also be fascinating to see how a favourite is actually worked out.

Many fanbases will be looking forward with optimism right now, which is great to see. However, there probably isn’t one out there who are looking forward and feeling confident about their chances. The next few weeks may help us out with that, but don’t be surprised if we hit the playoffs and still don’t have a huge favourite standing out.

If that is the case, then fans may be looking at one of the most open Super Bowl’s we have ever seen, and one where anyone can genuinely lift the trophy.

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