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How to watch NFL in the UK in 2021

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Watching NFL can be a tedious task due to the time difference between the US and UK. American football fans may need to stay up for a couple of hours just to watch their favorite team or player take on the field. If you’re looking for ways on how to watch NFL in the UK, read further.

How to watch NFL in the UK

NFL viewership continues to grow in the UK. Per Sky Sports’ Richard Graves, NFL coverage in the UK produced impressive numbers for the 2020 season despite the pandemic. As you can see, American football is as popular as ever.

Whether a dedicated fan or a newbie, it’s essential to know the different options to watch America’s esteemed sport. Here are some of the ways on how to watch NFL in the UK as well as their prices…

NFL Gamepass

Let’s start with the obvious one. You can go directly to NFL’s website and subscribe to their Gamepass. It’s the ultimate access to watch live games and revisit some of your favorite games.

Moreover, it also gives you access to some NFL shows and programs that delve deeper into some of the games. This is perfect for lifelong fans who bleed American football.


The pro subscription costs $200 or around £150 per year. It gives you access to everything—All 270+ games, Superbowl, NFL RedZone, and NFL Network live and on-demand! Take note that this is subject to blackouts in the UK.

There’s also the free subscription. Just sign up for an account and you can watch highlights and other content. It’s good but it doesn’t allow you to watch everything the pro has to offer.

Sky Sports

Another option to watch the NFL is via Sky Sports. After many years of continued growth, Sky Sports and the NFL have agreed on a new five-year deal to broadcast the NFL in 2020. If you’re on television, this is the main place to watch American football.

Sky Sports usually show a minimum of five live games each week. Additional coverage includes:

  • First-pick exclusive game on Sky Sports NFL in the 6 pm and 9 pm slot every Sunday
  • Every Thursday Night, Sunday Night, and Monday Night Football game
  • NFL RedZone
  • Every minute of every playoff game, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl live

Getting Sky Sports is perfect for casual fans and the like. Just tune in to the NFL channel and watch the games that are on that week.


If you want to watch on your smartphone or desktop, another option is subscribing to Now TV. It lets you stream all 11 Sky Sports channels, including the NFL. Subscription starts at a one-time payment of £10 for the Sports Day + Mobile Month Membership and £40 monthly for the Sports Membership + Boost.

Channel 5

If the Gamepass and Sky Sports options are too expensive, then watching on Channel 5 is probably your best bet since it’s free-to-air.

After a long hiatus, Channel 5 is back on airing live NFL games every Monday night! You will have to wait until midnight to watch American football games though. In addition, you can also watch the NFL End Zone presented by American actress and singer, Cory Yarckin, every Sunday.


There are many streams lurking on the web for free. The downside of this though is that it may be limited to a small box, may feature a bunch of ads, and that there may be no commentaries.

You can also find some streams on Reddit for live NFL games. It may take some time though to find quality and lag-free streams here. Finding streams online can be tedious, but worth it for those who want to get into the NFL without signing a contract or applying for a subscription.

Apart from watching live NFL games, check out some of the best NFL podcasts as well.

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