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NBA training camp contract salary explained

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Right before the start of the NBA season, players participate in their team’s training camp to prepare for the 82-game regular season. Apart from the regular players with guaranteed contracts, there are those players who were invited to the said camp. The NBA training camp contract salary for these players isn’t much, but it’s still a respectable amount and has additional perks.

NBA training camp contract salary

The NBA training camp is an essential part of the season. This gives coaches an opportunity to draw up game plans, assess their players, and make rotational adjustments. Meanwhile, players use this time to prepare themselves physically for the long season.

For players who are not guaranteed, it’s more than just getting into top basketball shape. They must impress the coaching staff so that they can earn a roster spot on the team.

How much do NBA players get paid for Summer League?

The NBA Summer League is where players get their chance to showcase their talent. First-round picks usually are guaranteed a roster spot on their team whether or not they perform well in the tournament.

However, second-round picks and undrafted players must impress coaches and scouts in attendance. They are hopeful to at least land a roster spot in any of the team’s training camp or sign a two-way contract with them.


Apart from getting the chance to make a good impression on different NBA teams, players who participate in the Summer League receive an allowance amounting to $1,500 for the duration of the competition or around $136 per day when spread over 11 days. This includes players who already have existing contracts with their respective teams.

Aside from the allowance, the players get additional perks such as a plane ticket to Las Vegas, hotel accommodation, transportation, uniforms, food, etc. The team basically covers all the expenses related to the event.

Players who impress in the tournament have a huge chance of landing a roster spot for training camp. Once signed, they will get an NBA training camp salary, which is better than what they are getting in the Summer League.

What is an NBA training camp contract?

The NBA training camp roster limit is 20 players only. This includes players who have signed guaranteed, partially guaranteed, and non-guaranteed contracts.

Players who are invited to training camp without existing contracts are given non-guaranteed training camp contracts. This allows teams to pay the player the minimum salary and terminate the contract before the start of the regular season.


According to the NBA’s CBA, these contracts must cover one season, provide for the minimum player salary or two-way salary without any compensation protection, and include an Exhibit 9. Moreover, teams are only allowed to give up to six non-guaranteed training camp contracts.

After the training camp, teams will determine the final 15-man roster for the regular season. This means that five players in the training camp will be cut from the team. However, teams can still sign up to two players on a two-way contract outside of the 15-man roster.

Do you get paid for an NBA training camp?

Yes, players who participate in the training camp get paid.

The NBA training camp deal salary isn’t lucrative by any means compared to what the regular players are getting. Still, this is fair compensation for putting in the work and reaching the training camp.

How much do you make from training camp?

The NBA training camp deal salary depends on whether a player is healthy or not before they are cut.

Healthy players who are cut will receive a salary of $2,000 per week pro-rated. Meanwhile, players who get injured and cut will receive $6,000 instead.

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