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Best places to buy NFL cards in 2022

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The prices of NFL cards in 2022 are high. They have skyrocketed since the pandemic started. People started collecting football cards either as a hobby or as an investment. After all, it’s fun collecting these cards especially if you are a football fan.

NFL cards 2022

Now, you might ask yourself: Where can I buy NFL cards worth money? The quick answer is there are a plethora of options whether from local card shops or online. Just one quick search on the internet and you’ll find hundreds of places to buy football cards.

In this article, we’ll help you narrow your options down. Here are the top places where you can find the best NFL cards to buy…


Obviously, the best place to buy Panini NFL cards is at Panini itself. You can go directly to Panini’s website if you want to look for football cards. Panini offers sealed packs and boxes of your favorite football players.

Compared to resellers, the price of these cards is cheaper here. However, the caveat is that the best box releases are usually sold out.


There can be some packs and boxes that are available for the average collector but it takes a lot of time and effort. And usually, these cards aren’t really that valuable.


Panini isn’t the only one who makes sports cards. Topps is another company that makes football cards worth money. If you’re looking for the best Topps NFL cards to buy, then going directly to Topps is a great option.

However, Topps faces the same issue as Panini when it comes to availability. The best NFL cards are usually sold out here. You just have to exercise patience and wait diligently for release dates to buy the cards you want.


If you didn’t have any luck in finding Panini and Topps NFL cards, then you can visit Amazon to find resellers. After all, Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. You can literally find anything here, even old football cards.

Resellers usually offer NFL cards in sealed packs or boxes from different seasons. Just remember that the older the season, the rarer it is.


Amazon is recommended if you’re buying in bulk rather than buying individual cards. Buying in packs and boxes can give you that thrill since you don’t know what you are going to get. The dopamine rush hits differently when you pull a 1/1 card in one of the packs you bought.


If you’re looking for rare NFL cards online, then eBay is the number one source for these valuable cards. You can find here countless verified sellers who sell graded and ungraded cards. Some of these cards are even signed by the players themselves which makes them more expensive.

A graded Tom Brady rookie card is currently worth £18,000. That’s for a single card only. Sellers usually auction these rare cards to maximize their value. After all, there’s an avid collector out there who’s willing to pay top money for these cards.

Aside from singles, you can also find football cards in sealed packs and boxes here.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are also a good option. A lot of these groups participate in box breaks for a fee. Participants get the chance to pick a team or draw a random number. Then, these cards are divided among the participants based on their chosen team or number.

For example, if you pick Philadelphia Eagles as your team. All Philly cards are yours on that particular box. This is usually live-streamed so you don’t have to worry about cheating.

This option is perfect for beginner collectors who want to potentially get rare cards without having to buy a whole box for themselves.

Local card shop

Lastly, you can also visit your local card shop near you.

There are a plethora of these shops that resell sealed football cards as well as individual cards. Since they don’t get enough noise, some of the rare NFL cards can be found here.

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