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Predicting landing spots for 10 of the biggest names hitting NFL free agency in 2023

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With just a handful of teams still in the hunt for the Vince Lombardi trophy, it’s officially time we submit some of our wildest NFL free agency predictions 2023.

There will be no shortage of talent and interesting storylines to follow, so you better stay tuned for what’s expected to be one of the wildest offseasons in a while.

NFL free agency predictions 2023

Some expect stars to retire; others believe they’ll force their way out to another team. Whatever the case, it’s almost a fact that we’re going to see multiple old faces in new places once the 2023 National Football Season kicks off.

Tom Brady – Raiders

Our NFL free agency predictions for 2023 start off with the guy everybody’s talking about. Tom Brady was evidently emotional when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost in the playoffs, and it seemed like he bid farewell to the media. Nonetheless, that may all be due to the heat of the moment, as he looks far from done right now.

Brady could then reunite with former Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, who won six Super Bowl rings with him in New England. He’d become the new franchise player in the biggest sports mecca on Earth, which would also be great for his brand. From a football standpoint, he might be in for another tough year or two, though.


Lamar Jackson – Jets

It became pretty clear that the Baltimore Ravens need Lamar Jackson more than Lamar Jackson needs them. Their offense was stagnant, predictable, and inefficient in the final six weeks he was out with an injury. He was balling out and in the midst of a career year when he was on the gridiron.

But the Ravens continue to play hardball and seem reluctant to meet his market value and steep salary expectations. That’s perfect for the up-and-coming New York Jets, who have a plethora of young offensive weapons and are just a quarterback away from being a legit Super Bowl contender.

Mike Gesicki – Panthers

The Carolina Panthers may not be one of the most appealing free-agent landing spots, especially considering the fact they don’t even have a Head Coach right now. But they will have more than plenty of cash to spare, and that’s always more than enough to convince star players to at least listen to their offers.

In this scenario, we believe the Panthers will look for Mike Gesicki to carry Greg Olsen‘s torch and become their new starting Tight End. He’s been misused in Mike McDaniel’s offense and never developed a true rapport with Tua Tagovailoa, so it doesn’t feel like the Dolphins will do a lot to try and keep him in town.

Marcus Peters – Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals will continue to revamp their Offensive Line, and rightfully so, but they’ll also likely dig deep into their secondary defense. With that in mind, they could target one of the few lockdown cornerbacks in the league and sign divisional rival Marcus Peters, who might be ready to jump ship after failing to strike a deal in Baltimore.


The Ravens have been reluctant to spend big on aging players, and Peters is set to turn 31 next season, so they might not be tempted to bring him back on a solid contract. The Bengals need to make the most of it, as he knows the division and is a turnover-forcing machine.

Dalton Schultz – Cowboys

Dalton Schultz agreed to play under the franchise tag for the season, even though there were rumors of a holdout. For those who need to have the franchise tag explained, it pretty much forces a player to stay for another season while making plenty of money, but it’s not always an ideal situation.

But given how much the Cowboys got Schultz involved when he and Dak Prescott were healthy, it seems unlikely that they’ll let him go. He’s been an integral part of their offense for both his pass-catching and blocking skills, and they just can’t afford to let him walk at any cost.

Kareem Hunt – Buccaneers

With Tom Brady no longer in the picture and Todd Bowles instead of Bruce Arians, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may no longer be one of the top-notch free-agent landing spots. Notably, that could lead to some desperation, meaning they might well go on a spending spree to try and fix some issues.

The Bucs had arguably the worst running game in the whole league this season. And while most of that should be credited to their terrible Offensive Line, they also lacked a reliable, true bell-cow running back. That’s where Kareem Hunt could come in handy, although he’s unlikely to solve all their woes.

Josh Jacobs – Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders didn’t pick up Josh Jacobs‘ fifth-year option, and there were rumors around the league about a potential trade. Eventually, Jacobs held on to the starting running back spot on Josh McDaniels’ team and was one of the best and most efficient backs in the league.

So, even though there’s still a chance that Jacobs has some hard feelings toward the organization, it would definitely make sense for both parties to bury the hatchet and reach an agreement. He’s one of the best bell-cow running backs in the league and has earned a big payday.

Byron Murphy – Lions

The Detroit Lions were one of the most surprising teams in the league this season, especially during the second half. The future seems bright, but they still need to improve their quarterback situation, as well as their ever-struggling secondary defense.

That’s where Byron Murphy comes in handily, as he’s not expected to gauge a hefty asking price after struggling with injuries earlier in his career. There will be plenty of changes on the Arizona Cardinals, so the Lions could make the most of that to lure in one of the most promising CBs in the league right now.

Geno Smith – Colts

Geno Smith had a breakout season and had one of the best stories of the campaign. He proved that he belongs in this league and that we were wrong to count him out so early in his career. That’s what happens when you spend the first years of your career with the New York Jets or Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders.

But as good as Smith was, he was still far from a superstar, and he’s not getting any younger. Also, he’s set to fetch a high asking price in the offseason. Combine all those three things, and you have the recipe for the perfect Indianapolis Colts quarterback right there.

Jimmy Garoppolo – Seahawks

And last but not least, we end our NFL free agency predictions 2023 with the Seattle Seahawks. We strongly believe they’ll have no choice but to settle for Jimmy Garoppolo, a guy they showed some interest in before that shoulder injury drove them away.

At his best, Garoppolo is an efficient game manager who may get you the four or five yards you need for a first down but not much more. Still, he knows the division quite well, and it’s not like the Seahawks have an attractive situation on their hands to lure a better quarterback to Lumen Field.

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