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10 bold predictions for the 2022 NFL season

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When it comes to NFL season predictions for 2022, we’re firm believers that it never hurts to be bold.

That’s why we wanted to share with you our boldest NFL predictions for 2022. That could be NFL playoff predictions, NFL award predictions, or even Super Bowl predictions for the 2022 season.

Even if our NFL predictions for 2022 seem a little crazy, we’re okay with that because fortune always favors the bold.

NFL season predictions 2022

Part of our process has been looking at the NFL schedule and the best NFL games in 2022 and thinking about how we think the season will play out.

While we don’t expect all of these predictions to come true, we’re happy to share with you our NFL preseason picks and bold NFL season predictions for the 2022 campaign.


Bears finish with worst record

This isn’t exactly going out on a limb, although there are at least a handful of teams with shorter betting odds on having the worst record in football this year than Chicago. The Texans, Seahawks, and possibly Jaguars will provide stiff competition for the Bears.

However, Chicago’s floor for the 2022 season is exceptionally low. They have a first-year coach, a second-year quarterback, and an uninspiring roster. Even the Lions are in decent shape compared to the Bears, which means there won’t be too many winnable games unless Justin Fields takes a massive step forward and becomes a bonafide superstar.

Aaron Rodgers wins third straight MVP

In fairness, this isn’t that bold of a prediction. Aaron Rodgers is at least among the top-five MVP candidates heading into the season.

But there’s no denying that winning three in a row would be something special. The only other player to win three straight MVP awards in the NFL is fellow Green Bay legend Brett Favre, so it’s not an easy feat. Rodgers will be 39 at the end of the season, which is why it’d be mind-boggling to see him win MVP for the third straight year.

Justin Jefferson wins receiving Triple Crown

Let’s not pretend that Justin Jefferson isn’t fully capable of winning the Triple Crown. Last year, he hauled in 108 passes for over 1,600 yards and 10 touchdowns.


More people would have been talking about him if his team was better and Cooper Kupp didn’t have a super-human season.

The problem is that Kupp isn’t the only receiver who could easily finish ahead of Jefferson in the major statistical categories. But in his third season, Jefferson should be ready to have what could be one of the best seasons of his career. If Kirk Cousins decides to cooperate, the Triple Crown is within Jefferson’s reach.

Trey Lance is benched midseason

The 49ers are certainly high on Trey Lance, who could have a bright future. But what do we know about him?

He was only a starter for one year in college and then started just two games last year. The 49ers will give Lance an opportunity to show what he can do, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready. If he struggles, San Francisco might decide to sit him at some point this season, especially if Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t traded and is sitting on the bench waiting for another opportunity.

Russell Wilson leads Broncos to Super Bowl win

This will surely be one of our most significant NFL season predictions in 2022. But keep in mind that the Rams won the Super Bowl last season immediately after trading for a proven quarterback.

Why can’t the same thing happen with the Broncos after acquiring Russell Wilson?

Last year’s Denver team was exactly one quarterback away from being a Super Bowl contender. The Broncos allowed the third-fewest points in football despite having an offense that averaged less than 20 points per game. Wilson will have largely the same defense, a better offensive line than he’s had the last few years in Seattle, and an exciting group of young receivers as his supporting cast.

For a perennial Pro Bowl quarterback, that’s more than enough to win a Super Bowl.

Commanders win NFC East

The Cowboys are viewed as the favorites in this division with the Eagles being considered a close second. But we can’t forget about the Commanders, who could make some noise with their new nickname in tow.

Considering that Taylor Heinicke was their starting quarterback, the Commanders didn’t have a terrible season in 2021. If Carson Wentz is able to stay healthy, he can make a big impact and put the Commanders on the same level as the Cowboys and Eagles, neither of which should be considered among the elite teams in the NFC.

The Washington defense is also in good shape, especially with all of the talent along the defensive line. The bottom line is that this division is wide open, and the Commanders shouldn’t be ruled out from winning it with a legitimate starting quarterback on the roster.

Lions make Playoffs

This would undoubtedly be one of the biggest highlights of the 2022 NFL season if it happens. The Lions haven’t been to the playoffs since 2016 and haven’t won a playoff game since 1991.

They are also coming off a 3-13-1 campaign in 2021. But they played hard under Dan Campbell last season with a lot of young players earning valuable experience.

The playmakers around Jared Goff have some potential while the Detroit defense has some intriguing pieces as well. It’s obviously a long journey from three wins to the playoffs. But the Lions were a little better in 2021 than their record would indicate, so a meaningful step forward this year could put Detroit in a position to make the playoffs.

Panthers finish with winning record

The acquisition of Baker Mayfield could be a game-changer for Carolina. Keep in mind that Mayfield battled injuries for most of 2021 and has taken a flawed team to the playoffs before.

Granted, we’re not saying Carolina will reach the playoffs. Assuming he’s the starter, Mayfield will also have Christian McCaffrey and D.J. Moore helping. Plus, Carolina’s schedule is more than manageable with four games against the Falcons and Saints, as well as winnable games against the Browns, Giants, Seahawks, Steelers, and Lions.

It’ll be close, but the Panthers could get themselves to 9-8 this season.

Bengals miss Playoffs

This wouldn’t be the first time we saw a hangover from the Super Bowl loser. While the Bengals made plenty of positive moves during the offseason to address their shortcomings, that doesn’t guarantee success.

They still have to deal with the Ravens in the AFC North, and if they don’t win the division, the AFC Wild Card race is bound to be a crowded one dominated by teams from the AFC West.

Until they got hot late in the season, the Bengals were just a tick above average for most of 2021, so it’s possible that they are only a borderline playoff team in 2022, making it possible for them to be left out of the postseason.

Patriots finish last in AFC East

Based on the last quarter-century, it doesn’t get much bolder than this. Obviously, the Jets could be downright awful and make it impossible for the Pats to sink to the bottom of the AFC East. But if the Jets turn in a halfway decent season, the Patriots could finish below them.

Outside of DeVante Parker, they don’t have any exciting receivers around Mac Jones, who isn’t a star just yet.

They will have to rely a lot on their defense, which lost J.C. Jackson in free agency.

New England also had a questionable draft class, so there may not be much help there. While it’s hard to bet against Bill Belichick, this could be the worst season the Patriots have had in a long time.

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