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As the big day draws nearer and nearer, the hardworking writers at Franchise Sports have shared their predictions for what might be the most unpredictable Super Bowl in history.

Let’s take a look at our Super Bowl LIV predictions.

John Dunham @JurassicSnarkk: Chiefs. Think Mahomes is on a special run and the 49ers won’t be able to cope with him. Look for Tyrann Mathieu to have a monster game too.

Adam Salter @awsalter_: Chiefs. Won’t be an easy game for Kansas. However, with ‘Big Red’ in charge and their first Super Bowl appearance for 50 years, I think it’s written in the stars for them. Would be the perfect situation for Patrick Mahomes if he manages to shine; having already secured the MVP award last season.

Matthew Bowen @MatthewJBowen7: 49ers. First and foremost I am a 49ers fan so I am a bit biased. Secondly, it’s hard not having faith in this team after seeing them rise from the ashes and achieve multiple high-quality victories this year: 16-0 comeback against Arizona, 13-0 comeback against the Saints, last gasp win against the Rams and beating Seattle in Seattle. This team is battle-tested and ready for this moment.


Mark Gill @MarkGillNFL: 49ers. I believe their run game will help them manage the game and the D line will put plenty of pressure on Mahomes to throw off the Chiefs’ passing game. They’ve shown they can win a shoot out against a superior defence in the Saints back in Week Fourteen.

Luke Conboy @ConboyNFL: Chiefs. Two teams with talent all over the field means it’s gonna take someone or something special to decide it. Look no further than Patrick Mahomes. His incredible ball security will come to the forefront, despite what the vaulted 49ers defence throws at him. It will be a close, low-scoring affair but ultimately it will be KC lifting the Lombardi.

Teodor Tsenov @TeodorTsenov: 49ers. Versatility and explosiveness in the ground game could tear apart a subpar Chiefs running defence. Even if Mostert doesn’t replicate his heroics from the NFC Championship, the Coleman-Breeda combo has proved more than once that it can carry that offence. An overpowered pass rush, in addition to Richard Sherman’s playoff resurgence (just 36.4 allowed passer rating in coverage), could make it a not so close a game, but for now, I’m counting on Mahomes to keep KC within striking distance. It’s gonna be a close one.

Steve Ovenden  @HappyHappySteve: 49ers. They are stronger defensively. Mahomes has had a lot more of the focus and this is expected to be the start of a dynasty. I think Jimmy Garoppolo will have a point to prove and maybe make sure the Super Bowl is not all about Patrick Mahomes.

The predictions end up in favour of the 49ers but only by a slim margin – a result that might mirror the big one on Sunday night. Whether or not the 49ers win, the Chiefs win, a giant hole in our time-space continuum opens up over the Hard Rock Stadium and ends life as we know it. One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be a hell of a game.


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