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The Golden State Warriors were arguably the best team in basketball last year, and they thoroughly deserved to win the title. However, the exit of key role players and a training camp fight might derail their effort to defend their title. As we are a little over a week away from the first game, let’s take a look at the Warriors predictions 2023.

The Warriors have kept the Big 3 intact, and they have got them back for another season. On top of that, they have found superstars of the future in Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole. They also have players who have a very high potential.

Despite all this, the Warriors have lost key players who were a massive part of the title-winning run. So are these losses too hard for the Warriors to overcome as we take a look at the Golden State Warriors season preview.

Warriors predictions 2023

The Warriors are the favorites to win the title again this year and their star power seems to have gotten stronger. Stephen Curry is the best player in the NBA right now and he will be looking to add his Hall of Fame resume.

But there are some massive questions about the Warriors which have started showing up within a week of the start of the season. Will these issues put an end to the Warriors dynasty as we take a look at Warriors predictions 2023?


The fight will be a major distraction at the start of the season

A few weeks ago, the Warriors seemingly had no major problems and their chemistry seemed to be off the charts. That all changed in the last few days, as a massive report broke out involving Draymond Green and Jordan Poole.

Green and Poole got into a scuffle and this resulted in Poole getting punched in the face. This has thrown the Warriors into a fix as they deal with the fallout of the situation.

The Warriors insist that everything is fine and Green also apologized for his actions. But this action will put his role as a leader in jeopardy. This will cause the Warriors a little trouble in the early part of the season. But they are a veteran team and will eventually figure out how to get past this hump.

Klay Thompson will be an All-Star again

Klay Thompson finally came back last season after missing more than two seasons due to injury. And it showed that his game was suffering, as he was nowhere close to his best. The Warriors may have the same system, but some key pieces have changed and Thompson found it hard to adjust.

But now Thompson has had a full offseason to rest and get back to his peak fitness. We saw glimpses of the deadly player that he was last season and showed that he still has a lot left in the tank. Klay Thompson will have one of his best years and he will be named an All-Star. Don’t be surprised if he earns an All-NBA selection too.


Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins will have their best years to date

Poole and Wiggins have turned out to be the Warriors’ stars of the future. Both of them were key parts of the run last year and they showed that the sky is the limit for them.

Poole has turned out to be a steal in the draft and his game has taken massive leaps in the last three years. Wiggins is finally playing like a number one pick and he is blossoming to his full potential.

On top of that, both these young stars have their contract expiring next season and they will ball out in order to secure the big money extension. Don’t be surprised if these have their best season to date.

The Warriors will finish as a top four team in the West

The NBA has seen a massive rise in legitimate title contenders over the past few months. Both conferences seemed to be stacked right now. Getting the best record will be crucial for success in the playoffs.

The Warriors, who are the defending champions, don’t really care about all this. They have a veteran squad and they know exactly when to push and when to take it easy.

With that being said, Vegas has the Warriors’ NBA Win totals at 52.5 wins. This might be a little low as the Warriors have a deep squad and some serious firepower. They will surely cross 60 wins for the season.

Warriors record prediction – 61-21 

The Warriors will not win the title this year

The Warriors are the favorites to win it again. Several basketball analysts have picked the Warriors to win again and the oddsmakers have them as the favorites as well.

But truth to be told is that the Warriors took on a bruised and battered Celtics squad who were coming off two grueling and physical seven-game series. And they did not face the defending champions, the Bucks or the Suns, the team with the best record.

By no means is their title win a fluke, but the Warriors definitely got lucky in avoiding these big teams. It is highly unlikely that thunder strikes twice for them, as the West and the East are at their strongest in years.

You heard it here first, the Warriors will not repeat as champions in the 2022-23 season.

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