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Some Under Armour history, useful links and all you need to know about Steph Curry shoes 2021…

Stephen Curry has been on a tear this season. He’s putting up MVP numbers on his 12th season in the NBA. During the month of April, he was averaging an out of this world 38 points per game on 52% field goal and 47% 3-point shooting. What’s more? He set a record-breaking 83 threes (and still counting) this month. This is arguably the best shooting streak of any NBA player in history. And undeniably, he is the greatest shooter of all time.

It was this season when he also dropped his career-high of 62 points against the Portland Trail Blazers. Just unreal.

He’s doing this while wearing the Under Armour Curry shoes. If you want to imitate his hot shooting streak or if you just idolize him, look no further as we will discuss a little bit about his shoes and where to buy them.

Founded Curry Brand

In 2020, Stephen Curry founded the Curry Brand from Under Armour. Think of it as the Jordan Brand from Nike. It is meant to change the game for shoes just as he changed the game of basketball forever.


The ultimate goal of his brand is to provide accessible programs, player development, safe basketball courts, and great gear for inspiring kids. For him, basketball is more than a game. It’s all about making an impact in every corner of the world through the game.

Curry 8

Curry 8 is the latest signature sneaker from the Curry Brand. This shoe introduces a new cushion setup called “UA Flow”. This is designed to provide amazing energy return without compromising durability, impact protection, and court feel.

Furthermore, we can see the new Curry logo at the back of the shoe. The design reminds us of “energy flow” while incorporating the “SC” initials.

Performance-wise, the Curry 8 has great traction, perfect for aggressive cutting and creative dribbling guards. It also has great cushioning with the UA Flow which offers impact protection when you land on shooting. This shoe perfectly fits a guard who adepts at hard cuts and limitless range shooting (like Curry himself!).


If you want to flow Steph Curry’s game into yours, make sure you are equipped with his latest sneaker, the Curry 8. Its retail price was released at $160 but you can definitely find it at a discounted price right now. Discount codes are often available for sites like Pro Direct Basketball.

Where to buy Under Armour Curry Shoes

Under Armour

This one is a no-brainer. You can go directly to Under Armour’s online store and buy the latest Curry shoes there. There are a lot of discounted prices also that you can find on their site.

If you want to try them on your feet, there are a lot of Under Armour retail stores in the US and UK. Make sure to get the right fit as you will be rocking this on and off the court.

What’s more? They also have some Curry Brand gears and accessories if you want to take your game to the next level.

Buy Curry shoes at Under Armour UK or at Under Armour US


Footlocker is one of the most renowned sporting retail stores worldwide. It has approximately 3,000 retail stores in 27 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

You can also visit their online store. You can find a lot of Curry 8 colorways there. However, the colorways might be subject to availability per region. From time to time, they release older models so stay tuned on their website.

Buy Curry shoes at Footlocker UK or at Footlocker US

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