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10 must-listen NBA podcasts for the 2022-23 season

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Listening to the best NBA podcasts 2022 is one of the best ways to get updated on what’s happening around in the league. Aside from the latest news and rumors in the NBA, these podcasts also give in-depth analysis and player interviews that basketball fans surely look into.

Best NBA podcasts 2022

Iconic names such as Adrian Wojnarowski, Bill Simmons, and JJ Redick spearhead these top basketball podcasts. They discuss different topics and even invite guests onto their podcasts to make it more engaging and insightful.

Here are ten good basketball podcasts to listen to…

All The Smoke

Co-hosts Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes were known as scrappy players back in their playing days. These two seemed to be the perfect combination on a podcast due to their unfiltered nature. This is why All The Smoke is one of the best NBA player podcasts in 2022.

What’s great about this podcast is you get to hear the perspective of different NBA players. They interviewed some of the big names such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Baron Davis, and Allen Iverson, making the podcast more entertaining and insightful. If you want to listen to storytelling, then this podcast is for you.


No Dunks

No Dunks is a daily NBA podcast hosted by a group of friends, Skeets, Tas, Trey, and JD. They produce daily content that’s timely and adds a comedic touch into it.

A casual yet hilarious listen, this podcast is a great listen to keep up with what’s happening around the NBA. The entire crew always makes sure that each episode is fun and entertaining. Definitely one of the funniest basketball podcasts out there.

The Lowe Post

Zach Lowe discusses everything that’s happening around the NBA in his podcast, The Lowe Post. From in-depth analysis up to locker room drama, he tackles them all. What’s great about Lowe is that he can simplify the ins and outs of basketball in a way which a casual listener can understand.

The Lowe Post also features other reporters and analysts to discuss anything about basketball. He also conducts player interviews occasionally.

The Old Man & The Three

The Old Man & The Three is one of the best NBA podcasts 2022. JJ Redick and Tommy Alter host this podcast and provide a great listen for those who want to hear the perspective of NBA players. He consistently interviews players ever week and also invites other known names from the basketball community.


Apart from the player interviews, they also discuss the current events and rumors that’s happening in the NBA. This podcast gives you exclusive access to the lives of the players in the league.

The Woj Pod

Adrian Wojnarowski is one of the most iconic names in the NBA. He’s the first one to know if there are any major trades, free-agent acquisitions, and other breaking news around the league. The term “Woj Bomb” was popularized on Twitter due to how big his breaking reports are.

In the podcast, Wojnarowski reacts to the biggest NBA news and covers the biggest events such as the trade deadline and playoffs. The podcast also features some of the most in-depth conversations with other players, coaches, and executives.

The Draymond Green Show

Draymond Green’s deep understanding of the game shows in his podcasting. After all, he’s a natural playmaker and defender in the NBA. In the podcast, he talks about his experiences in the NBA with the Warriors as well as other interesting things around the Association.

He also invites other players such as Jayson Tatum and Joel Embiid as guests on his show to talk about anything. If you like to listen to unfiltered opinions and reactions, then this podcast is for you.

Brian Windhorst and The Hoop Collective

Brian Windhorst and other ESPN insiders talk about the latest stories, news, and rumors that are happening around the league. If there’s a trade or free-agent signing that just happened, then they are the first ones to know. They go behind the scenes in the podcast to talk about more with the details.

Apart from the latest stories and news, Brian Windhorst also conducts some of the best in-depth analysis of players and teams around the league. The two Tims make this podcast more fun to listen.

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmons is one of the most respected sports analysts in the NBA community. This is why his podcast is one of the top basketball podcasts in 2022. Together with Ryen Russillo, the podcast is surely a great listen to casual and serious basketball fans alike.

The Bill Simmons podcast can be a mix of basketball, football, and baseball but still revolves mainly in the NBA. Simmons’ appreciation and knowledge of the game are unmatched.

Dunc’d On

Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux are NBA analysts that give their deepest analysis and breakdowns in their podcast, Dunc’d On. This show delves into advanced metrics and salary cap discussions which is not for casual listeners. They talk basketball and analytics five times a week.

Of course, if you are looking for some of the best analysis and trade deadline conversations, then this podcast is for you.

Ledlow & Parker

Ledlow & Parker is one of the good basketball podcasts to listen to. Kristen Ledlow and Candace Parker have a good chemistry in the podcast. This is a quality and fun podcast that talks about what’s happening around the NBA, WNBA, as well as other important topics off the court.

In the podcast, Ledlow and Parker interview multiple guests throughout the episode. They invite NBA and WNBA players such as Victor Oladipo, Becky Hammon, and Sue Bird. Moreover, they invite well-known celebrities in the basketball community such as Snoop Dogg.

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