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2016 NFL Re-draft: Prescott, Wentz, Bosa battle for top spot

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Redrafting previous years’ drafts is always a fun exercise and we thought we would start with a redraft of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Answering the question of whether a rookie gets offered a fifth-year extension or not is a question that all NFL franchises have to decide on a yearly basis, so what better time to have a draft do-over than four years after the original picks are sent in?

(Real life draft trades are still included and not undone for the sake of this exercise).

*Only 31 picks due to Patriots forfeiture

  1. Rams – Dak Prescott

Jared Goff may have taken the Rams to a Super Bowl but is inconsistent and is an uninspiring leader. We went with Prescott over Wentz here simply because of the durability issues that has plagued Wentz during his time in Philly. (Original pick: Jared Goff).

  1. Eagles – Carson Wentz

The Eagles stick with Wentz who may have gotten a Superbowl win if an injury had not opened the door to allow an inspired Nick Foles to lead the City of Brotherly Love to its first title of the Superbowl era. (Original pick: Carson Wentz).

  1. (San Diego) Chargers – Joey Bosa

Bosa has been a huge success since being in the league and is a cornerstone piece for the recently relocated Los Angeles club. Bosa has only played two full 16 game slates so far in his career, including an injury ravaged 2018 where he only started 6 games, yet he has still managed to average 10 sacks a season. He is a genuine superstar in this league. (Original pick: Joey Bosa).

  1. Cowboys – Michael Thomas

This is a controversial one. Zeke Elliott has been a league leading back from the moment he set foot onto the professional gridiron, but his inflated contract could leave America’s Team hamstrung in the long run.

The jury is out as to whether he will go down as an all-time great and unless you know for sure: do not spend a top 10 pick on a running back.


Michael Thomas would have negated the need to trade away their 2019 1st rounder for Amari Cooper and given Dallas a true All-World receiver for years to come. (Original pick: Ezekiel Elliott).

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