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Re-drafting the 2017 NBA Draft

11th pick: Luke Kennard

As the Detroit Pistons embark on a potentially deep rebuild, Luke Kennard could be on the trade block in the not-too-distant future. If not, he’s going to be on a losing team for a while.

Kennard enjoyed a breakthrough in 2019/20, scoring 15.7 per game and shooting a tick under 40% on 6.5 three-point attempts per contest. That’s the profile of a very useful player in the NBA in 2020.

Proving himself as an adept ball handler who can find his way to the rim too, Kennard has all the tools to be a good NBA player for a long time.

His floor is a sixth man on a good team. If he can take a step forward defensively, he could ascend to become one of the better two guards in the league.

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