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Re-drafting the 2017 NBA Draft

13th pick: Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma could be a divisive one here. Ultimately, the evaluation of Kuzma depends on how close he is to his ceiling. Drafted 27th overall, there was no question that Kuzma was ascending in this redraft, but many would want him higher than 13th.

Moved to a bench role with Anthony Davis on the team this season, Kuzma has seen his scoring drop and his effective field goal percentage has plummeted too. A three-and-d future has been overblown also. Kuzma is yet to prove himself to be anywhere near an above-average defensive player.

He’s going to be a useful NBA player. Maybe he’s a starting scorer one day, but with so-so three-point shooting, Kuzma is an odd fit on any team at the moment.

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