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10 must-read sports gambling books

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The best sports betting books are a great source of information from different sports betting experts in the industry.

These experts share their countless experiences and provide strategies to help new and seasoned sports bettors.

Best sport betting books

Reading sports gambling books can make you become a better bettor. These experts provide knowledge and strategies that make you more confident and make better-informed decisions on your wagers.

Here are the top sports betting books to read…

Trading Bases by Joe Peta

Trading Bases is one of the best sports betting books, especially for baseball. In the book, Joe Peta recounts his experience from being a Wall Street trader up to being a professional baseball bettor. This book is the perfect mix of finance, analytics, and sports.


What separates Joe Peta from other experienced sports bettors is his knowledge of advanced analytics. He basically applied what he learned in trading stocks to sports betting and developed a unique system that’s profitable. If you’re looking to primarily bet on MLB, then this book is perfect for you.

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The Smart Money by Michael Konik

The Smart Money by Michael Konik is a collection of experiences from different professional sports bettors in the industry. These pros share their stories on how they got started and how they achieved success. Moreover, they share their winning strategies and methods when it comes to making smart betting decisions.

The book also discusses some sports betting basics such as how to read betting lines and how to maximize your profits which are perfect for novice bettors. Additionally, the book has a plethora of strategies from the pros which can improve the decision-making of experienced bettors.

Weighing The Odds In Sports Betting by King Yao

Weighing The Odds In Sports Betting is a book by King Yao that discusses everything about sports betting. In the book, Yao discusses how to understand odds, how to analyze historical data, and how to develop a profitable betting system. Apart from the basics, he also shared advanced strategies that can give you better-informed decisions on your wagers.


Yao knows all of this since he’s a veteran in the industry with over 30 years of experience in sports betting. His knowledge about sports betting is very valuable. Getting insights from his 30-year experience gives you an edge over other sports bettors.

Mathletics by Wayne Winston

While Mathletics isn’t entirely focused on sports betting, it’s still a great book that shows the importance of sports analytics and how it can give you an advantage over others. The principles in this book can be applied to sports betting.

In the book, Winston discusses different topics such as reading sports data, understanding different mathematical models, and evaluating teams and players. Apart from this, he also gives some strategies for sports betting.

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Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong

Sharp Sports Betting is one of the best sports betting books to read, especially for new bettors. This book covers everything about sports betting such as reading betting lines, mitigating risks, knowing when to cash in profits, and even managing emotions.

In the book, Stanford Wong also gives tips and strategies that are valuable for new and experienced bettors alike. After all, he’s a professional gambler with countless of experience in the industry.

Conquering Risk by Elihu Feustel

Conquering Risk is one of the top sports betting books to read since it primarily discusses the most important factor in sports betting: risk management. Moreover, this book is written by Elihu Feustel, a professional sports bettor and trader.

In the book, Feustel tackles the psychology of risk-taking and how risk management is important to sports betting. He also applied what he learned in trading to sports betting with techniques such as diversification, minimizing losses through stop-loss orders, and many more.

The Signal And The Noise by Nate Silver

The Signal And The Noise by Nate Silver isn’t exactly a sports betting book. However, it’s still a great book since it discusses important principles that apply to sports betting such as making smart predictions and forecasts.

In the book, Silver tackles the importance of making predictions in our lives. Moreover, he gives strategies on how to make accurate predictions through historical data and analytical models.

The Odds by Chad Millman

The Odds is a book that follows the story of three professional sports bettors: Jesse May, Vegas Runner, and Duffel Bag Boy during the 2010 NFL season. In the book, Millman uses their stories to show the different approaches and strategies they used in sports betting.

What’s great about this book is that it also tackles the issue of gambling, addiction, and many more.

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The Everything Guide To Sports Betting by Josh Appelbaum

The Everything Guide To Sports Betting by Josh Appelbaum is one of the must-read books for beginner sports bettors. What’s great about this book is Appelbaum makes it easy for new bettors to understand the different terminologies and jargon in sports betting.

The book tackles the basics of sports betting, types of betting, betting on specific sports, and more. Appelbaum also shares some strategies on bankroll management, line shopping, contrarian betting, and many more.

Betting To Win by Leighton Vaughan Williams

Betting To Win is a book by professional sports bettor, Leighton Vaughan Williams. He’s a professor who focuses on the economics of betting.

The book covers a wide range of topics such as money management, betting markets, sports betting psychology, and many more. Vaughan Williams’ knowledge in the field of economics and finance is what makes him one of the most trusted individuals in the industry.

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