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Where to buy Joel Embiid’s Under Armour shoes in 2021

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Joel Embiid is arguably the best big man in the NBA right now. He has been on a tear this 2020-2021 season—averaging 29 points and 11 rebounds per game and leading the Philadelphia 76ers as the No. 1 team in the Eastern Conference. Clearly, he is a top 3 MVP candidate.

Before his break-out season, Under Armour signed Embiid as one of their main basketball athletes to have a signature shoe, joining Stephen Curry. As you noticed, it’s quite rare for a big man to get his own signature sneaker. However, this is definitely deserving as Embiid is one of the best players in the league right now.

His first signature sneaker is the Under Armour “Embiid One” which debuted last September 2020. If you want to imitate his tenacity and movements on the court or if you just a big fan of him, look no further as we will be doing a little bit of shoe review and where to buy them.

Joel Embiid shoes: Review

Embiid One is the perfect positionless shoe. The shoe is designed to fit any type of player because it’s strong enough for powerful plays and light enough for quick moves. Nowadays, this rings true as we move towards a positionless playstyle.

In an interview with SLAM, Embiid clearly stated that he’s not a big man, but rather he’s a basketball player meant to do all things—dribbling, shooting, passing, and defending. Thus, he requested his shoe should be flexible enough for all kinds of players.


The shoe features UA HOVR technology, strategic Micro G cushioning and layers of fitted, lightweight mesh.

Now let’s look at the design

Embiid One’s design is strategically made for Embiid’s game.

First, you can see that the materials are lightweight mesh. In the conceptualization stage, Embiid stated that he always experienced that his feet were hot every game and thus, is very uncomfortable. Having said this, Embiid wanted a shoe that provides ventilation and breathability so he doesn’t take off his shoes now and then. Moreover, the lightweight material gives his foot freedom to do whatever move he wants.

Moving to the outsole, you can see the map of Africa towards the heel and the map of America at the forefoot. This represents Embiid’s journey from Cameroon to the USA.


And lastly, the TPU wing is what stands out the most. It looks like a fire symbol as this represents Embiid’s tenacity on the court. In terms of performance, the TPU wing provides support and stability in the midfoot section thus, keeping your foot locked down for different moves.

Where to buy Embiid One

Under Armour

As always, let’s start off with the most obvious one. You can go directly to Under Armour’s online store and buy the Embiid One there. The shoe retails for $120 but you can find discounted prices for as low as $80.

If you want to try them on your feet, there are a lot of Under Armour retail stores currently open in the USA and UK. Make sure you get the right size so your feet are properly contained when playing basketball.

If you’re a big fan of Joel Embiid, why not step it up a notch? You can also buy Embiid basketball gear and accessories.

Buy Embiid One at Under Armour US or at Under Armour UK


If you are trying to look for discounted deals or other colorways not available on Under Armour, you can also visit Footlocker’s online store. There, you can find good deals available at the comfort of your home.

And if you want to try them on, you can always go to the nearest Footlocker store near you.

Buy Embiid One at Footlocker US or at Footlocker UK

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