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Six predictions for NBA free agency featuring Lonzo and DeRozan

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It’s time for some 2021 NBA free agency predictions…

The 2021 NBA offseason is finally here. Teams bolster their roster for next season in the hopes of getting a shot in the NBA championship. Surely, this will become a busy offseason for everyone.

2021 NBA free agency predictions

While they aren’t that many free agent superstars in the 2021 NBA offseason, there are a handful of upcoming free agents that teams might be interested in.

Here are six 2021 NBA free agency predictions…

6. Collins stays in Atlanta

John Collins had a rollercoaster season. His production and shooting percentages dipped this season due to added frontcourt depth. While he took a reduced offensive role, he was still an important piece in Atlanta’s success last season.


With the way he fits with the Hawks’ current system, it makes sense to re-sign him. It may not be the $125 million max contract that he wanted, but significant enough that will make him happy.

After all, Collins believes that they can continue building a championship contender in Atlanta after they reached the ECF. He’s too important of a piece for the Hawks to give up.

5. Knicks make a significant offer to Ball

Lonzo Ball is one of the highly sought point guards in the 2021 NBA offseason. It was reported that the Pelicans are unlikely to match any significant offers for him. This means that teams can offer a significant amount of money and snag him in free agency. At 6’5″, his playmaking, defense, and improved shooting are very valuable to any contending team.

The Knicks makes sense for Ball. They have a lot of cap space and it fits their timeline very well.


It may not be the juiciest free agent signing but it elevates their playmaking and defensive woes in the backcourt. If New York continues competing in the playoffs, they can attract bigger free agents in the 2022 offseason—which they should focus their eyes on.

4. Allen re-signs with the Cavaliers

Jarrett Allen has been a revelation last season. Standing at 6’11” with a 7’5″ wingspan, Allen is a monster inside the paint and a walking double-double.

His rim protection, rebounding, and ability to play above the rim are perfect for a traditional big man.

After his monster production in the 2020-2021 season, it’s time for Cleveland to reward him and sign him a long-term deal. It was reported they already extended Allen’s qualifying offer—which signals their interest in keeping him long term.

3. Lowry goes to Miami

Aside from Ball, Kyle Lowry is one of the biggest upcoming free agents this summer.

Even at 35 years old, his leadership, playmaking, and three-point shooting are playoff material.

The Heat makes sense to sign Lowry. A trio of Lowry, Butler, and Adebayo is enough to contend for the NBA championship. In addition, Lowry has a close relationship with Butler already and would fit rightly in the “Heat Culture”. It’s time for Pat Riley to work his magic.

2. Conley stays in Utah

Mike Conley had a fantastic season with the Jazz. He helped the franchise in having their best regular season since the John StocktonKarl Malone era. It was reported that Utah wants Conley back and will try every attempt to retain him in the roster.

Sure, it may be expensive for them to retain him. But this will give them another shot at the title with a healthy Mitchell and Conley in the playoffs.

1. DeRozan joins LeBron and Davis in Los Angeles

DeMar DeRozan is still one of the most elite scorers in the league. His improved playmaking ability upped his offensive game that he’s more than just a scorer now.

Now, where would DeRozan sign next?

It was reported that he expressed his willingness to join the Lakers even if it means taking a pay cut.

After all, he fits the Los Angeles culture as he was born in California and is a big Kobe Bryant fan. He would then join LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the pursuit of another title. While DeRozan has glaring weaknesses such as his lack of three-point shooting and average defense, his playmaking and scoring ability can’t be denied. His arrival would improve the Lakers’ backcourt woes.

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