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How to choose an NFL team to support

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Choosing an NFL team to support is one of the toughest decisions to make. It’s hard to find a connection with one of the 32 NFL teams especially when American football is not a main sport in the UK. But don’t worry, we made it easier for you below.

How to choose an NFL team to support

Picking an NFL team to support is a big commitment. You have to ride the highs and lows of the team you’re supporting and not constantly jump from one successful team to another.

Here are some ways on how you can pick an NFL team to support…

Favorite NFL player

This is the easiest way to pick an NFL team to support. If you are a fan of a certain player, it’s easy to support his team since his success lies in the team’s success as well. While you’re at it, why not support his team also?

If you’re a fan of Patrick Mahomes‘ game, then you might want to root for the Chiefs; or if you like DK Metcalf’s crazy athleticism, then you might want to support the Seahawks.


However, it may not be sustainable in the long run since players come and go. There’s the risk of getting traded to another team or the risk of suffering a season-ending injury. It’s simply hard to support an NFL team when your favorite player is not on the field.

While choosing an NFL team based on your favorite player is great for the short term, it may not be feasible in the long term.

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Team color, uniform, and logo

The NFL has arguably the best uniforms in the world. After all, the players are equipped with shoulder pads, helmets, and jerseys that make them look big and intimidating. There is lots of equipment to wear since American football is a physical sport.

If you like the classic black, silver, and white color combinations, then supporting the Raiders is perfect for you. They also have a cool emblem with their pirate or “raider” wearing a football helmet.


New fans may want to start with this. Choosing an NFL team based on their aesthetics is a solid option. After all, it’s easy to support a team when it’s pleasing for the eyes.

Family ties

If your father or uncle is a huge American football fan, chances are the television is always turned on to air some NFL games. This gives you a headstart already since you have a family member who likes the sport. Chances are you might pick up their enthusiasm about their favorite team. They might have even gifted you some NFL gear.

If your home screams Cowboys with lots of decorations, posters, and jerseys on the wall, then supporting America’s team is quite easy.

Picking an NFL team based on what your family or relatives are supporting is a viable option. A huge bonus if you have ties in the United States and are actually supporting the NFL team in the city your relatives are living.


Choosing an underdog NFL team is an honorable decision. Sure, it’s fun to support a championship-caliber team like the Chiefs, but it’s more rewarding to watch an underdog team rise from the bottom to the top. This is one of the underlooked tips to choose an NFL team.

You definitely need to watch some underdog teams and check which team promotes a winning culture despite lacking the talent.

This takes time but it’s definitely worth it. You might stomach a lot of losses in a couple of seasons first. Seeing your team win the Super Bowl can be incredibly rewarding especially if you stuck with them from the beginning.

If you’re still unsure, you can check out the NFL’s team picker to find which team to support based on your personality and preferences.

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