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Four factors which influence sports betting odds

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Sports betting is a popular form of entertainment, and it has recently grown in popularity. If you’re a sports fan or just enjoy the adrenaline rush of seeing your pick winning, you know that betting on sports doesn’t always have a lot of science behind it.

The simplicity of sports betting, paired with the high levels of excitement it provides, makes it a way to have fun – as long as it’s done responsibly and with set budgets.

Some aspects can help you improve your betting strategy, such as checking the odds offered by the best betting apps in Canada or the respective websites. Sportsbooks often provide lower odds to the favourite teams and higher ones for the underdogs.

But the odds aren’t the only tell-tale of the team’s or player’s performance. In fact, sportsbooks calculate the odds according to other factors that may influence the outcome of the sporting event. We’ll give you an overview of how to understand these factors and take advantage of them when picking your wagers.

Is the team playing home or away?

It’s always important to check if the team is playing at home or away, as this may impact the players’ performance. Firstly, if the team is playing away or at the competitor’s home, they’ll likely be more tired than usual due to the trip.


Another aspect that may play a role in the performance is the lack of supporters. Although most teams have a small group of die-hard fans that will follow them to away games, these will likely be outnumbered by the home fans.

Moreover, although most stadiums and arenas are similar in size and amenities, playing at a different location may also impact the overall performance, especially considering the abovementioned factors.

On the other hand, if the team is playing at home, they’ll benefit from all the advantages described: they’ll be less tired, have a more robust support group, and know the ins and outs of the place where the match happens.

Sportbooks also do this analysis before establishing the odds punters later see on the sports betting website.

Check the weather forecast

Before choosing the type of bet you want to pick for a specific sporting event, you may want to check the weather forecast for where the match takes place.


This is particularly important if there is a forecast of rain, hail, or other meteorological events that may impact the quality and grip of the soil and ball.

Another interesting aspect that you may consider in international competitions is how the weather and temperature of the host country compare to the team’s home country.

For instance, if a team from Finland is flying to Brazil to compete with a local club, the temperature difference may impact the stamina and performance of the Finnish players.

The upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar is an excellent example of how the temperature may impact the teams’ performance.

Although the competition is happening in December, the average temperature in the country’s capital Doha is 24.5°C (76.1°F) – a very different scenario from Canada, where the average temperature in that month ranges between -2.5°C (27.5°F) and 1.4°C (34.5°F).

What’s the team schedule?

While checking the weather forecast, you may also want to check something else: the team’s schedule. Depending on the sport, division, or competition, a team may have more or less in-between games.

The number of consecutive matches may lead to greater exhaustion like it often happens at the end of the season. Knowing how many rest days each team had before the day of the match you’re betting on may be a good indicator of how your pick will perform.

The schedule of the match itself may also play a part. The players’ bodies may undergo metabolic changes depending on the time of the day during which the teams confront each other.

Although the technical teams often consider this factor, it can still play a role in the player’s overall performance.

Following the team’s players on social media may also give you a peek into their daily lives. Some players have very active social lives, with some even partying in the days before a match.

Having an insight into what they’re doing outside of training may also give you some clues on how they’ll perform on the day of the game.

Any injuries?

Although players don’t compete while injured, coming back from down-time may play a part. The main concern in these cases is related to the player’s expected performance, which is uncertain until the event actually starts.

Moreover, injuries can leave physical issues and may also lead to psychological alterations in how the player performs. It’s not unheard of for players to become more self-aware or try to protect themselves from additional injuries.

These aspects play an important role, particularly in player props bets. At the same time, other types of bets may suffer changes in the odds due to in-play injuries.

These injuries may impact the player’s performance as well as the whole team. In these cases, it’s always recommended to consult multiple sports betting sites to see how the sportsbooks update their odds. You’ll notice that some bookmakers will increase or decrease their odds reasonably quickly after an injury, while others may take longer.


As you can see, although betting on sports is a reasonably straightforward process, having solid knowledge about the teams, players, and overall sports conditions may help pick the best options to succeed in this form of entertainment.

If you’re an avid sports fan, you’ll likely already know which players are injured, how many matches a team had in a period of time, and whether the competition is at home or away. All of this gives you a well-rounded knowledge to make the best decisions while on the sports betting sites.

On the other hand, newcomers to this form of entertainment may need to study, particularly if they’re interested in wagering on events they don’t have a solid knowledge about.

Nevertheless, the odds presented by the betting sites also give you a strong giveaway of how the match may go — sportsbooks calculate the odds based on numerous factors, some of which we mentioned in this article.

Finally, you should never forget that the primary goal of sports betting is having fun and doing it responsibly is the best way to go!

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