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Five top buyout candidates following the 2022 NBA trade deadline

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There are a few NBA buyout candidates 2022 to watch for ahead of the trade deadline. Contending teams are looking to acquire cheap veterans who either have fallen out of the rotation or who are in the final year of their contract.

NBA buyout candidates 2022

The NBA buyout market 2022 is not as stacked as last year’s but there are still a few names who can give contending teams a boost in the playoffs. These players can still carve a role in another team when given the chance. Check out the buyouts explained piece we have for a deeper dive.

Here are the top five NBA buyout candidates at the trade deadline.

Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic is one of the best players available at the NBA trade deadline. In his last season with Miami, he averaged 13.4 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 4.4 assists per game on 47% shooting on the floor and 37% shooting from beyond the arc.

In Toronto, he only played for five games and was away from the team due to personal reasons.


Teams looking for a solid veteran guard who can make plays, shoot the three-ball, and play defense may want to take a closer look at Dragic. He’s also one of the best players to have in the locker room with his veteran presence and leadership.

There have been rumors already that Dragic wants to play with Luka Doncic in Dallas when he gets bought out. After all, the two have been teammates in the Slovenian national team. Dragic will seamlessly fit into the Mavericks rotation as they need another primary ballhandler.

If the Raptors can’t find a suitable trade partner for Dragic, then the two parties should agree on buying out his $19 million contract.

Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young is another name to watch in the NBA buyout market. In the offseason, he was one of the key pieces traded from Chicago to San Antonio in exchange for DeMar DeRozan.


The rebuilding Spurs haven’t done Young any favors when it comes to playing time. Young hasn’t cracked the rotation since the start of the season. He only played in 26 games and averaged 14 minutes per game.

The majority of these games were when Jakob Poeltl was out due to health and safety protocols. It appears that his lack of shooting also played a big factor. Pairing him and Poeltl would spell trouble since the two can’t stretch the floor well.

Still, Young is a valuable asset to have for teams looking for a gritty forward in the paint who can do a little bit of everything. In his last season with the Bulls, the veteran forward averaged 12.1 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 4.3 assists on 56% shooting.

If the Spurs don’t move his expiring $14 million contract, then a buyout is definitely on the table. The Suns and the Wolves are amongst contending teams that could benefit from Young.

Gary Harris

It was reported that Orlando is planning to trade Gary Harris ahead of the trade deadline. Harris can be bought out if the Magic doesn’t find a trade partner.

The Magic clearly want to develop their young backcourt in Cole Anthony and Jalen Suggs. Markelle Fultz is also going to return at some point soon. This gives them extra incentive to trade some of their veterans to contending teams.

However, Harris’ $20 million contract may be tough to deal. Harris developed into a good 3 and D player over the past few seasons but it’s hard to justify his contract given his injury history and average numbers.

This season, Harris is currently averaging 11.7 points per game on 44% shooting on the floor and 39% shooting from beyond the arc. Orlando gave him minutes and the green light to shoot this season to at least increase his value.

If a buyout happens, then the Nets could acquire him to add more three-point shooting and perimeter defense. He could fill in the hole left by Joe Harris.

Kent Bazemore

The Lakers have underwhelmed so far this season. In order to create more roster flexibility, they are willing to trade or buy out some of their veterans. Kent Bazemore is rumored to be first in the Lakers’ shopping cart.

If there are no suitors for Bazemore, then they will definitely buy him out since he hasn’t made an impact off the bench. He has only played for 31 games and averaged 15 minutes per game.

This season, the veteran sharpshooter is currently just averaging 3.7 points on 35% shooting from beyond the arc.

Teams who are looking for a solid 3 and D guy off the bench can look at Bazemore. He’s a 36% career three-point shooter and a good perimeter defender which is serviceable for any contender.

John Wall

There’s one intriguing name left on the buyout market and that’s John Wall. Even though a buyout agreement is unlikely, there’s still that possibility on the horizon as the trade deadline approaches.

Wall is one of the NBA buyout candidates to watch out for. The former all-star has only played for 40 games over the past two and a half seasons but he already proved that his body is NBA-ready.

Last season, Wall averaged 19.1 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 9.1 assists per game on 43% shooting.

Houston faces a tough decision here since they are having a hard time moving his huge contract and that Wall doesn’t want to accept a buyout. He’s still owed $44 million this season and $47 million player option next season.

If a buyout happens, then teams who are looking for an athletic and playmaking point guard should take interest in him. He’s shown that he’s healthy enough to help any contender.

The Lakers, Heat, Clippers, and Nets are amongst the teams closing looking at the veteran point guard.

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