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Having NBA player props explained could take you to great lengths as a successful bettor. Most rookie gamblers don’t know or realize that they can make the most of a player’s talents without having to bet on their team’s success or lack thereof.

NBA player props explained

That’s why having NBA player props is a must in every popular sportsbook nowadays.

They give their clients a vast array of choices to lean on, thus becoming a no-brainer choice over their competition. But what are NBA player props, and how do they actually work?

How do NBA player props work?

As you may tell by its name, NBA player props work under a simple premise: You only care about one player and how he’ll fare in the game, and it doesn’t matter whether his team wins or losses or if the game total hits. You’ll focus on one player and one player only.

You can bet on whether a player will score more or less than 23.5 points, or whether he’ll grab 10+ rebounds, will record a double-double, will knock down 3+ three-pointers, you name it! The possibilities are almost endless, and so are the options. Notably, these props usually have quite appealing odds.


Does FanDuel offer player props?

Yes, just like most leaders in the gambling industry, FanDuel offers a plethora of options and player props for every single NBA game. All you need to do is sign up on their page, make a deposit, and you’ll be all set to start making player props bets on FanDuel.

FanDuel started off as a fantasy sports platform but has now made great strides in the sportsbook industry as well. They continue to get a big share of the market, especially now that sports gambling has been legalized in multiple states across the U.S.

Can you parlay player props?

Yes. Just like it happens with regular bets, you can parlay player props. That means you can submit a single wager on two or more different player props, whether it’s for the same player, another player in the same game, or another player in a different game.

For example, let’s say you’re betting on the Warriors vs Lakers game. There, you bet on Stephen Curry to score more than 23.5 points and LeBron James to have more than 5.5 assists. If you choose to parlay those bets, you’ll need both things to happen to cash in. That makes it riskier, although it also makes it more potentially lucrative.

What happens if you wager on a player prop and he doesn’t play?

If your player is deemed inactive, injured, or doesn’t suit up, then your bet will push or be void, meaning you’ll get your money back.


However, if your player is on the court for one second and then gets hurt or is ejected, then you’ll lose your bet if he fails to do what you predicted him to do.

Different types of NBA player props

Besides in-game player props, you can also wager on season-long player props.

As you can tell by their name, those props won’t take just one single game into account but the whole campaign. Popular wagers of this type are whether a player will score more than X points, or grab more than X rebounds in a season.

You also have player props for milestones in one game. Instead of betting on whether a player will score 10+ points and/or grab 10+ rebounds, you can bet on the player to have a double-double. The possibilities are so, so many in most sportsbooks.

What markets are available for player futures?

You can also bet on NBA player prop futures, which are mostly focused on season-long awards.

That means you’ll be able to bet on who’ll win the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and every other distinction, or whether a player will make one of the All-NBA teams, All-Rookie Teams, et cetera.

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