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NFL player props explained

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If you want to start betting on football but need NFL player props explained, you’ve come to the right place.

Even if you don’t need NFL betting explained, NFL player props are a little different than betting on game results. However, they can be a fun alternative to betting on games straight up or done in tandem with traditional betting.

NFL player props explained

For novice fans or bettors, NFL player props and season-long player props can be a little confusing. That’s why it’s best to have NFL player props explained in more detail.

That way, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on a fun and profitable aspect of NFL betting. If you’re unclear on a few things or need NFL player props explained, here are some answers to key questions that should explain everything.

How do NFL player props work?

NFL player props allow bettors to bet on the events and statistics during a game rather than the final score of the game. Broadly speaking, any statistical category can potentially be used in NFL player props. For instance, a player prop involving a quarterback could be an over/under for the number of passing yards or passing touchdowns the quarterback will have in a game. For running backs or wide receivers, there can be player props around the number of touchdowns they score or the number of rushing or receiving yards they have at the end of the game.


There are also yes/no player props on whether a particular player will score a touchdown at any point in the game.

There are also NFL player prop futures, which are player props over the course of a full season rather than a single game. These props may revolve around the total number of touchdowns, passing yards, rushing yards, or receiving yards a player has in a full season.

For example, a quarterback may have a futures bet of throwing 24.5 touchdown passes during a season. In this case, the bettor places a bet on whether or not the quarterback will have more or less than 24.5 touchdown passes at the end of the season.

Does FanDuel offer player props?

FanDuel offers many player props for every NFL game. Every game will have over a dozen choices for an “anytime touchdown scorer,” which means bettors are betting in the affirmative that a player will score a touchdown at any point in the game.

The two starting quarterbacks will have prop bets available for passing yards, passing touchdown, total completions, pass attempts, longest pass, and several other categories.


FanDuel will list several receivers and tight ends with prop bets for receiving yards, total receptions, longest reception, and several alternative totals for receiving yards. Also, the primary running backs for each team will have player props via FanDuel for total rushing yards, all-purpose yards, longest run, and rushing touchdowns.

Can you parlay player props?

Player props can sometimes be used as part of a parlay, but not always. Different sportsbooks have different policies about what player props can be used as part of a parlay, especially if you try to put several player props into the same parlay.

Some sportsbooks won’t allow player props to be put into a parlay together if they are “correlated.” For instance, quarterback passing yards and wide receiver receiving yards from players on the same team may not always be allowed in the same parlay because those stats are inherently tied to one another.

If you try to parlay player props together that are not allowed, the bet slip at the sportsbook should tell you that this bet is not allowed.

What happens if you wager on a player prop and he doesn’t play?

This is a common question among those fans who need NFL player props explained. For a player prop to be valid, the player must have participated in at least one play.

If that player isn’t on the field for a snap, the player prop will be void and the money wager will be returned. Likewise, if you placed a player prop far in advance and that player is listed as inactive for the game, the bet will immediately be void and the money wager will be returned.

Different types of NFL player props

As mentioned, there are almost limitless types of NFL player props. Not every sportsbook is going to offer every type of player prop conceivable. But most major sportsbooks will have the most common player props available. These player props can include:

  • Quarterback passing yards
  • Quarterback completions
  • Quarterback interceptions
  • Running back rushing yards
  • Running back touchdowns
  • Running back rushing plus receiving yards
  • Wide receiver/tight end receiving yards
  • Wide receiver/tight end receiving touchdowns
  • Wide receiver/tight end receptions
  • Player with the first touchdown of the game
  • Player scores a touchdown at any time
  • Defensive player sacks
  • Defensive player tackles
  • Defensive player interceptions

What markets are available for player prop futures?

Virtually any player prop bet that’s available for an individual NFL game can also be available on the futures market. For offensive skill players, there are markets for total touchdowns and either receiving or rushing yards, as well as total receptions in a season for either wide receivers or tight ends.

There are also futures betting options available for whether that player will lead the league in rushing or receiving yards and rushing or receiving touchdowns. For quarterbacks, there are futures bets for total passing yards, touchdown passes, and interceptions.

Nowadays, there are also props for quarterbacks related to rushing yards, as well as whether they will lead the league in passing yards or passing touchdowns. Also, most quarterbacks and a few skill players have player props for winning MVP.

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