Miguel Lara III [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Five players to pursue on MLB The Show 18

Jeff Samardzija


The San Francisco Giants’ third starter was a handy card to have early on in The Show 17, and he will be at least as good in The Show 18. Jeff Samardzija has passed the 200-innings mark for five straight seasons, which will earn him a more than impressive stamina rating.

The former Cub had the lowest walks per nine (1.4) of any qualified pitcher in 2017. His strikeout numbers were strong, too, striking out more batters per nine than Jake Arrieta, Gerrit Cole and Sonny Gray. Only Chris Sale, Corey Kluber and Clayton Kershaw had a better strikeouts per walk rate than Samardzija.

His high ERA might see Samardzija undervalued early on. We can expect good velocity (up to 98 on his fastball), elite command and a high BB/9 rating. His home runs and hits per nine won’t be great, but the signs are good for Samardzija to see his overall increase throughout the season.

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