Miguel Lara III [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Five players to pursue on MLB The Show 18

Steven Souza


Steven Souza was traded by the Tampa Bay Rays to the Arizona Diamondbacks this offseason. Sure, he’s not quite a direct replacement for JD Martinez, but it was as good as the Dbacks were going to get.

Souza had a real breakout year in 2018, too. It was the first season in his career that his OPS+ was above 100, he registered 4.2 WAR and only 11 qualified batters in all of baseball walked more times than the Everett-born outfielder.

His overall will likely be below 75 at the start thanks to The Show’s altered rating system, however. A terrible second half – including a .192 batting average – might see Souza’s contact at a pretty low level, but his power against righties could be over 85 given that he hit 27 of his 30 homers against right-handers.

Souza is an affordable corner outfield option from the day that you get the hands on the game, though. His splits should make Souza cheap as well, and a great option from the bench.


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