Miguel Lara III [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Five players to pursue on MLB The Show 18

Rhys Hoskins


Rhys Hoskins played 50 games for the Phillies last year. He had 2 WAR in that span. An OPS over one and 18 homers in less than a third of a season will do that for a player. Regression is projected, and expected, for Hoskins in 2018, but if he can stay somewhere near the ludicrous standards he set last year he will be a gem on The Show.

Hoskins should have over 85 power against right-handers from the game’s release. That pop will be lower against lefties, but the Phillies’ left fielder is a serious threat against righties. His high strikeout rate of 27% means a sub-40 vision rating is likely, however.

Much like Buxton, Hoskins is a player with huge potential for overall growth on The Show 18. The 25-year-old could be pushing the diamond ratings before long if he picks up where he left off.

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