Re-drafting the 2018 NBA Draft

Doncic Young

The 2018 NBA Draft was a special one. There was a major trade in the top five picks which will be reflected on throughout the careers of the two players involved. That duo, Luka Doncic and Trae Young, both became All-Stars in their second seasons.

Injuries have troubled others near the top of the lottery, and some – as always – have disappointed. There’s been a great depth of talent, however, with plenty of players taken in the late-first and second rounds becoming solid rotation options already.

This redraft will not be solely based on who the best players are today. Like in the draft itself, a mix of current ability, floor and ceiling will be taken into account along with the replaceability of their skills in the modern NBA.

To keep it simple, there will be no re-run lottery and the teams making the picks will only be used as a tiebreaker if required. For instance, the Orlando Magic were picking sixth, but their current roster will not be taken into account when we get to the sixth pick here.

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